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    I know her from her time on Alias, which was a great thing to watch her character have to go through. Spoilers for Alias follow for those of you who might want to click away from this before I get to into it. What they had her character do - play a hero and a villian in a blink of an eye was great. I loved the fact that it wasnt your classic good girl > bad girl, she was good right up until the end and then she turned bad with one of the most explosive episodes in Alias history. I thought her character was underused quite a bit in season 1 and would have liked to seen her and Will devolop something at the end of season 1 instead of having little to no scenes while they were "together" in season 2. When she came back as a guest star in seasons 4 and 5 I remembered why seaosns 1+2 of Alias were so amazing. I really missed her character once she left the show, but she left her mark while she was there.