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Merv Griffin Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Merv's best friend and former sidekick trumpet player Jack Sheldon played Merv's favorite song at his funeral "Shadow of Your Smile."

    • Merv's "Hollywood Walk of Fame" star is located at 1541 Vine Street.

    • Merv Griffin received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2005 Daytime Emmy Awards.

    • Merv Griffin won 10 Daytime Emmy awards was nominated 22 times.

    • Merv wrote the Jeopardy! theme song and has received between 70 and 80 million dollars from it.

    • Merv Griffin received a Warner Bros. film contract, thanks to Doris Day, and starred with Kathryn Grayson in "So This Is Love." Their open-mouthed kiss was the first in film history.

    • Merv Griffin was sometimes credited as Mervyn Edward Griffin Jr. His father's name is Mervyn Edward Griffin Jr, his mother is Rita Griffin.

    • Merv Griffin was a natural-born entertainer; by age four, he was already playing piano.

    • Merv Griffin owns "Jeopardy!" and "Wheel of Fortune". These two popular game shows have netted him more than one billion dollars as of 2005.

    • Merv Griffin's family is Irish, but he was born in America.

  • Quotes

    • (Merv Griffin recalls his younger days working as a singer in Beverly Hills)
      Merv Griffin: I was singing with Freddy Martin's band who was the Hollywood favorite orchestra. They played the Cocoanut Grove and we played there and there I sat every single night. I sat out in front of the band, you know. All the stars would come to me because Freddy was conducting to request songs. For example, Howard Hughes came every single night and always with a great beauty on his arm. He did have his tennis shoes on. Danced in his tennis shoes. And he always requested the same song.

    • Merv Griffin: It's strange. I'm eighty years old now, but my memory is fresh. I remember more names from those days, you know, the late 1940's and again the early 1970's, than I do today.

    • Merv Griffin: business success is equal to my personal life.

    • Merv Griffin: Las Vegas without Wayne Newton is like Disneyland without Mickey Mouse.

    • Merv Griffin: If you make the customer a promise... make sure you deliver it.