Meryl Cassie

Meryl Cassie


4/2/1984, George, Cape Prevince, South Africa

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Meryl Danielle Cassie


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Meryl Cassie was born in South Africa where she lived with her mother Barbara Cassie, brother Miquelle Cassie, sister Megan Alatini (ex - Truebliss band member) and other sister Monique Cassie. The family emigrated to New Zealand in 1987, mainly due to apartheid. Meryl has had acting experiences…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Some of the people she looks up to are her mom and Nelson Mandela. The three most important things in her life are her family, happiness and achieving her goals.

    • Some of her hobbies include singing, shopping, listening to music, watching movies, hanging out with her family and friends, reading and relaxing, and sunbathing.

    • Some of Meryl's favorite school subjects are Drama, English, Science, and PE. Her worst subject is math.

    • She used to have two dogs. One's name was Whippy.

    • She is right-handed.

    • Some of her favorite movies when she was a teenager were The Sixth Sense, Now and Then and, Legends of the Fall.

    • Meryl's favorite drinks include fruit juices, water, and milk.

    • Some of her favorite TV shows when she was a kid were Rugrats and The Simpsons. Her favorite TV shows when she was a teenager were Friends, That 70's Show, and Dawson's Creek.

    • Since Meryl likes to play sports her favorites include touch rugby, swimming, netball, softball, and sprinting.

    • Meryl can speak a couple of languages including English, Afrikaans, and some Dutch.

    • Some of Meryl's favorite actors and actresses are Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Edward Norton, and Charlize Theron.

    • One of her favorite ice cream flavors is Hokey Pokey, a kiwi recipe with sugar, golden syrup, and baking soda.

    • Some of her favorite dishes are fruits and vegetables, chocolate, pasta, junk food, and her mom's cooking.

    • Meryl's favorite colors are blue and pink.

    • At 14, she got her belly button pierced. When she was 16 she decided to have her tongue pierced, but took it out. She felt that it had lost its appeal. On her 18th birthday she got a tattoo on her lower back, an ankh and a firering around it. Which is Egyptian and it symbolizes life. Her tattoo is the same as the singer Anastacia.

    • Meryl is of African and German descent.

    • Meryl likes to swim.

    • She likes to wear casual but funky clothes.

    • Meryl's nicknames are Maz or Mezza.

    • Meryl is 5'1". Her shoe size is a 6. She has light brown hair and green eyes.

    • Meryl loves sports. She was in the professional touch rugby team. She was 13 and the others were 18 or older. The other team members called her "The Little Nipper," because she was so small and could squeeze through the gaps.

    • Meryl loves to listen to R&B and soul music. She really likes Craig David. Her other favorite singers include Alicia Keys, Usher, Nelly, Beyonce, and more.

    • Merly is an aunt of 6 year old niece, Tonica and 3 year old nephew, Quelan.

    • Merly has a singing group with her sisters called Nubian Angels.

    • Before getting the role of Ebony, Meryl went to Pakuranga College for a year and a half. The other schools she went to are Puhinui Primary School and Papatoetoe High School.

    • She welcomed her son Rylon Ngarino, with Brendan Wyatt; a rugby player, on September 16, 2006.

    • The Tribe actors are not allowed to date other castmember, however, rumours that she was in a relationship with James Napier have hold themselves for three years now. She has repeatedly disclaimed these speculations, saying that they are nothing more than good friends.

    • Meryl has light brown hair, green eyes that seem a bit blue-ish sometimes, is 5 ft 1" tall and wears size 6 shoes.

    • Her mother Barbara owns a chain of hairbraiding salons in New Zealand called 'Amandla Braiding'. She also braids the hair of Meryl, her sisters and other females of her family.
      When Meryl isn't working on a project, she sometimes helps out her family's business.

    • Meryl has her hair braided since she's about 9. She auditioned with her braids for The Tribe and landed the role - nowadays it's her trademark and she's required to wear the hairstyle on all promotion tours and public events for The Tribe.
      When she's not filming, she normally takes them out to give her scalp a break. She looks amazingly different without the hairstyle that has undoubtedly contributed to the fact that she gets recognized the most out of the entire ensemble cast of the show.

    • Meryl is utterly different from her character Ebony, who's a bitchy, power-hungry young woman always looking for number one. Their appearances are astoundingly unequal, for Ebony mostly wears black and red PVC, leather pants and low-cut corsets, matched with dark eye-makeup and glaring red lipstick, while Meryl's favourite colors are pink and blue.

      Fans are constantly amazed at how sweet and good-humoured Meryl comes across in real life, when she's playing such a "baddie" type of character. Even so, Meryl admits that she has a somwhat bossy nature and that this is one of the rare similarities she and her character have.

  • Quotes

    • Meryl: (Plans for the future) Absolutely! I plan to move to Australia. I have a brilliant agent and my goal is America. However, for that the timing must be right. I also hope to continue my singing career there.

    • Meryl: (TV shows she's watched most) I'm addicted to Lost. And I regularly watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I love this show and constantly get teary-eyed watching it!

    • Meryl: (About her Tribe costume) Yes, it was a cool experience, it was something quite different for me, but it was very, very tight!

    • Meryl: (About doing another season of The Tribe) Sure, I miss the whole lot and hope we'll be able to do a sixth season. I think every cast member thinks similarly!

    • Meryl: I work at the hair salon of my family. Now and then I go to an audition. I still enjoy singing with my sister and I love to travel.

  • an amazing young actress with a very bright future.

    meryl cassie, a relatively unheard of name in truely one of nz's hidden treasures.she is amazing she has gone from a season1 villain(ebony) to a character that the show cant live without.she exploded on to the scene in 1999 as ebony the girlfriend of the baddie on the cult hit "the tribe"with a performance filled with such passion and fire.from her piercing stare to her commanding dominent voice this tiny girl has demanded the attention of every viewer.over the past couple of years meryl has really grown up giving birth to her first child (congrats to her by the way)she is still very young and i think if she were to come to hollywood and deliver the kind of performance that has captivated every tribe fan for the last 7 years,they would gladely role out the welcome wagon for somone who has such a strong and amazing presence......i am pretty sure if she were to walk into a audition room jaws would drop.moreless
  • Meryl Cassie has portrayed her trademark character Ebony in such an intense and vibrant way that producers should be at her feet, begging her to sign up for their projects. It's another one of TV's msysteries that they aren't.moreless

    When Meryl landed the role of Ebony at the age of 14, the character itself was little more than a weak characterization of the antagonistic force that the Mallrats encountered. But somewhere in those early seasons Ebony evolved into a multi-layered person which Meryl played with such flair and skill that one wonders why she doesn't have her own show yet.

    It is perhaps to Meryl's advantage that she landed the arguably most complex character of the whole ensemble cast of The Tribe. It allowed her to play a wide variety of emotions and storylines that one doesn't often see united in one single, consistent character. And she doesn't disappoint. From cold-hearted ruthlessness to hidden vulnerability, from utter self-confidence to deep-seated insecurity, Meryl acts these feelings in a natural, colorful manner that rings true for many viewers. Whether Ebony is lasciviously seducing somebody or shaking up the screen with a genuine moment of ingenuous playfulness, one comes away with the impression that she is a passionate, intense, and emotionally rich, albeit deeply flawed, individual.moreless