Metallica Fan Reviews (11)

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  • ☻ Absolutely one the best bands of all time!!!

    It is without any doubt one the coolest, greatest metal bands of all times. I'm sure my great-grand children will still listen and love these guys.

    And you know what? These people are good people. I love them and I'm sure you do. As we say in my land: Metallica, me caen del putas!

    Kill 'em All: Cool, loud and fantastic
    Ride the Lightning: Cool, loud and fantastic
    Master Of Puppets: Cool and Beautiful
    ...And Justice for All: Loud and Beautiful
    Metallica (Black Album): Cool and Beautiful
    Garage Inc.: Loud and Cool
    S&M: Absolutely Beautiful!
    St. Anger: Too loud

    Cliff Burton: Great, cool and loud. An absolute GENIOUS
    Jason Newsted: Great and cool
    Robert Trujillo: Cool and loud

    Metallica will Rock forever, and play even in heaven.