Method Man

Method Man


4/1/1971, Staten Island, New York, USA

Birth Name

Clifford Smith



Also Known As

Hott Nikkels, Iron Lung, Clifford Smith, Johnny Blaze, Cliff "Method Man" Smith, Clifford 'Method' Man
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Clifford Smith, 1 April 1971, Staten Island, New York, USA. Smith rose to acclaim as one of the leading members of Staten Island's hip-hop collective, Wu-Tang Clan. Adopting the Method Man moniker, his smoky, flowing vocals were a prominent feature of 1993's landmark debut Enter The Wu-Tang (36…more


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    • Method Man: (On "Things They Say", directed to rap critics) Anybody that criticize Meth, yeah, like I can't rhyme and ****. That **** is directed at everybody that's had any bad, sideways, ****** up **** to say about me because I know damn well I'm one of the hottest that ever did it.

    • Method Man: (On making a new Wu-Tang Clan album) Certain members is comfortable, and certain members is not comfortable. If we can really come together and put aside all the differences that we had, then we could make a Wu-Tang album. We gotta square up a lot.

    • Method:(On how Hollywood sees rappers as actors) You walking in there and like a stripper trying to get a job and ****. All they gonna see is the stripper. They don't know what her capabilities are, what she can do, all they see is that she was a stripper. And I'm walking in there, I'm a rapper trying to be an actor. And that's what they're looking at. They're like, 'Oh, he's a rapper, he's not gonna show up on time and anything, gonna come in here with his guns and chronic and forties and ****.'

    • Method: (On the set of the movie "How High") So we had to smoke a ***** like between, like at lunch break, on our own time and our own troubles to get the feeling back. Have to keep it professional.

    • Method: (Catch phrase) Hey man the dolla dolla bill y'all!

    • Method: It's funny how competition always has its way of evening the playing field.

  • The best funniest rapping mc from new york is method man and his partner redman and i just love him and redman working together but i like method man the best rapper actor turn to a hip hop comedian and i love him his lyric may be crazy but his funny tbmamoreless

    I watch all of method man hes the best ol school rapper alive and he better than eazy e and rakim the best rapper ever and his movies are funny too and very good like my babys daddy belly and how high and i love him in the fairly oddparents musical and he was the bomb in that musical as the pixies man i hate for him had to end up with the rapping devil aka 50 cent the monster anyway method man is the funniest mc ever and he still with def jam and the member of the wu-tang clan and dave chappelle made a joke about that wu-tnag aint nothing to f*** with and that was funny method man youre the bestmoreless