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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The songs on their CD Grow Up and Blow Away are:
      Grow Up and Blow Away
      Rock Me Now
      On the Sly
      Soft Rock Star
      Raw Sugar
      White Gold
      Soft Rock Star [Jimmy vs. Joe Mix]

    • Metric won the Juno award in 2006 for the best Alternative album of the year, Live It Out.

    • Joules Scott-Key joined the band in 2000.

    • Haines and Shaw met at a nightclub. They created Metric later because they both hated the music being played at the nightclub.

    • The name of the band was originally supposed to show a difference between imperialists and other people in the world.

    • The songs on their single Empty are:
      Empty Radio Edit
      The Police And The Private Howie B Remix

    • The songs on their single Poster of a Girl are:
      Poster of a Girl
      Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)

    • The songs on their unreleased CD which is available on the internet, Static Anonymity, are:
      Grow Up And Blow Away
      Siamese Cities
      Soft Rock Star
      London Halflife

    • The songs on their unreleased CD which is available on the internet, Mainstream EP are:
      The People
      The Battlecry
      The Mandate
      The Lifestyle

    • The songs on their album Monster Hospital are:
      Monster Hospital
      Dead Disco (Kylie Mills Mix)
      Monster Hospital (Mstrkrft Remix)

    • The band members are:
      Emily Haines - lead singer
      Jimmy Shaw - guitar
      Josh Winstead - bass
      Joules Scott-Key - drums

    • The songs on their album Live It Out are:
      Glass Ceiling
      Too Little Too Late
      Poster Of A Girl
      Monster Hospital
      Patriarch on a Vespa
      Police And The Private
      Ending Start
      Live It Out

    • The songs on their album Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? are:
      Hustle Rose
      Combat Baby
      Calculation Theme
      Wet Blanket
      On A Slow Night
      The List
      Dead Disco
      Love Is A Place

  • Quotes

    • Shaw: We made sure we could actually play (the new songs), versus overdubbing.

    • Shaw: I'm not really sure that we knew what our sound was.

    • Haines: I think we're all a little less reclusive than we were before. I think it's because the music I've always listened to has been the music my friends are making, and then a bunch of my friends started doing well, so I was forced into the broader climate of what's going on. But I still feel like I'm drawn to the same themes as I've always written about — I'm still f****** wandering around.

    • Haines: It's strange to think a lot of new music is modeled on the past already, and then people are modeling themselves on people who model themselves on the past. I do think we're in a recycling era, everything's so retro. People should recycle more plastic and less culture.

    • Haines: (On the songs on Metric's new CD) We've written about 15 songs. We're starting to hone in and choose some of our favourites.

    • Haines: (On the studio that Metric will be recording their new album in) We just got this amazing space and the first recording and writing sessions for Metric are in there right now.

    • Winstead: (On why he didn't appear on the cover of Metrics' first album) It's because I'm confused. No, actually, I made a lot of [musical] promises right before I started playing with [Metric].

    • Haines: We knew each other from Texas for 10 years, then Toronto. We just were working hard and moved around a lot.