MF Doom

MF Doom


1/9/1971, London, England

Birth Name

Daniel Dumile



Also Known As

Madvillian, Zev Love X, DangerDoom, Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah, MetalFingers
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Viktor Vaughn, or MF Doom and Madvillain to his fans, is an underground rapper. He is currently working with DJ Danger Mouse to form DangerDOOM, a CD which is linked to Cartoon Network's late night [adult swim]. His first rapper name, MF Doom, has released 15 albums, while…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • One of the first masks he wore was similar to that of Dr. Doom from the original Fantastic Four series, and this being the character MF Doom obtained his name from. However, the most current mask used by the artist is a near replica of the one worn by Russel Crowe in the film Gladiator, and is designed by graffiti artist Lord Scotch.

    • The MF in his name stands for 'Master of Flows' as well as 'Metal Face.'

    • MF Doom and DJ Danger Mouse, together forming DANGERDOOM, are currently working on the follow-up to 2005's The Mouse and the Mask, which was commissioned by [adult swim].

  • Quotes

  • He's the grand daddy masta' of underground hip-hop.

    MF Doom is a very interesting name. Its based off of Docter Doom, a Marvel Super-villain. Also another interesting character. Hmmm... Where should I start?

    Let's try his underground alias', MF DOOM, DangerDoom, and Madvillian. He is extremely popular, among [adult swim] fans and normal hip-hop fans. I've been to one of his shows and purchased one of his albums. He's very talented and should definately have a DangerDoom show. Like that Dethklok show. Or that Gorilaz show. I'd dig it.moreless