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  • Mia Maestro is an amazingly beautiful and talented actress.

    The first time I laid eyes on Mia Maestro, I feel helplessly in love with that sweet, innocent face. How could anyone resist her warm smile, enchanting eyes, and perfect body? As time went on, I came to realize not only was she gorgeous, but that she was also a very talented actress.

    There are a lot of pretty faces around Hollywood, but few of those women have the talent to be considered legitimate professionals. Mia is one of the few actresses that have the talent to go with the looks. Her character on Alias often calls on her to be emotional and she does a great job of making the viewers believe it.

    I was a big fan of Alias before she was added to the cast, but her presence just makes the show that much better and more enjoyable to watch. Whenever she's on the screen, she steals away the spotlight from every other character on the show which is a sign of how popular she will become as she gets more exposure in North America. For now, it's kind of nice knowing she's my ravishing little secret.
  • Hot, talented, sexy, simply... Gorgeous!

    Ever since her first appereance on "Alias," as Sydney Bristow's sister Nadia, Mia Maestro continues to impress us with her talent and her good looks.

    Mia comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and she's one of the very rare foreign actresses that suceed in America. Before she landed a role on "Alias," Mia acted in many TV roles, but she was never recognized on television, and her amazing talent and work was never appreciated.

    So I ask myself "Where has she been before?", "How come such a hot and talented actress never got her time on screen."

    I believe that Mia impressed you, just as much as me, and her 5 minutes of glory on the big screen will come someday... It is amazing how she matches talent and good looks, she seems like a perfect match!

    Anyway, to stop myself before I go on talking about how hot she is, here's just one more thing -- I hope we'll get to see Mia in more roles on television, or maybe even in Hollywood, so her talent would be recognized and more appreciated all over the world.