Mia Michaels (II)

Mia Michaels (II)

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Mia Michaels is the choreographer for Celine Dion's "A New Day" show at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and has created routines for a cast of 50 dancers, as well as for Celine Dion. Mia has worked with artists such as Madonna, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan and Prince.…more


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  • You can not deny her talent!

    Mia is amazing at everything she does. All of her routines are so full of passion from both her, and that she commands from the dancers. Such as the bench dance of season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance. that was an amazing routine. The passion that you can feel in the choreography. The passion that you can tell Heidi and Travis put into it for her. It was great. The routine that she choreographed for Kameron and Lacy in season 3. That routine was great also. Especially the part where she goes running toward him, takes a leap, and jumps into him, wrapping her legs around his shoulders. That was an amazing part, and a great part of the choreography, not many people would have thought of something like that. And the last amazing routine that really stands out to me, is the piece to "Time" that she choreographed for Neil and Lacey. Although these two dancers were not my favorite, the passion here was amazing. It brought almost everyone watching to tears. Making the outgoing Mary Murphy speechless. Something only Mia has been able to accomplish.moreless
  • She's a force to be reckoned with.

    As far as I know she is an excellent choreographer. Escpecially on So You Think You Can Dance. Her contemporary pieces are amazing. As an example(s), Lacey and Kameron's first week contemporary on Season 3, Lacey and Neil's top 8 contemporary season 3, and Travis and Heidi's bench contemporary Season 2. She can be rough though as a choreographer, but she is still amazing. I think some people don't like her because some times her pieces are to abstract, such as Neil and Lauren's contemporary Season 3, and Shauna and Cedric's contemporary Season 3. But, you have to admit she is a really good choreographer. So that's the review.moreless