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  • Micah Alberti

    Most Recent Role: Matt Ritter on Wildfire
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Oregon, Wisconsin, USA
    Birthday: 8-19-1984

    Micah Alberti is a model/actor who played James Edward Martin on "All My Children." He also guest starred on "8 Simple Rules" and "Smallville." He currently stars on the ABC Family hit, "Wildfire." If you want to find videos of him go on www.youtube.com or if you want to find photos of him then go on any search engine you like.(my pick would be google)

    For pictures you can even stay on www.tv.com itself and put in "Micah Alberti" to get some photos. He's cute but not as cute as Ryan Sypek!
  • I can't understand him.

    There are some shots where Micah looks totally hot, but then there are shots where he doesn't Yet, he's a really fantastically great actor. I watched him on All My Children before and he's a way better actor than the Jamie Martin they have now. There's a huge age diff b/w him and the girl that plays Kris in Wildfire though
  • Really enjoy Micah in his role as Matt Ritter on Wildfire!

    I've gotten so hooked on Wildfire, and Micah is definitely one of the reasons why. He's a fabulous actor; plays the role of a nice guy/wounded teen to a tee. The most recent episode of Wildfire, "The Track," really shows us how much the divorce hurt Matt. I was very impressed with Micah's acting skills in the episode. Oh, and he's pretty cute too! :)
  • Micah isn't bad looking, he's definately got some charm...

    Micah isn't bad looking, he's definately got some charm. His acting is good, but there could be some touch ups in some spots. In Wildfire, I thought he looked better with the longer hair (I guess it makes his face look less narrow/long). But he's got potential. Let's see him with his shirt off, shall we?
  • Yes Micah Is absolutely gorgeous.

    Micah is a great actor and a great model. He is very talented. I first saw him on the show Smallville and fell in love with him. I was surprised to find him on Wildfire but I am glad he is on this show. He gives me something good to look at. Plus, have you ever seen a guy look that good in cowboy boots? I don't think so!!!!
  • that's right, Micah Alberti is absolutely gorgeous!

    The first time I ever heard of Micah Alberti was on Wilfire... it is a pretty good show, but honestly, he's pretty much the only reason why I watch it lol. He reminds me of someone I know, but I'm not really sure who, or of that's really it, lol nvm he's a really good actor though, and he has these amazing eyes haha but yea, watch the show! besides him, it is pretty good lol
  • he plays on the "wildfire" series

    I love this new show...Wildfire.
    It's just so awesome.
    and Micah Alberti plays his role on it so well.
    I have a new favorite show, and i love his acting, and he's so sweet looking!
    I recommend anyone who hasn't seen this show,
    go Watch it! Monday nights!
    I love it.
    watch it........lol
    Micah Alberti and Genevieve Cortese look so cute together!