Micah Alberti


Micah Alberti Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Is dating Rumer Willis.

    • He is in the Disney movie "Model Behavior".

    • On great movies, Micah recommends "Adaption. It was an unbelievable movie. I was kind of bored in the beginning, but then it started coming together, and I was like, 'Whoa!' To rent, I would recommend L.A. Confidential. That's an excellent film. It's so different; Russell Crowe is a big badass, and he walks in there and pushes around whoever is in his way. And there's this twist at the end that's unbelievable."

    • Micah enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, basketball, and riding motorcycles.

    • Micah has two younger brothers, Cody and Logan.

    • He wrestled and played baseball and football in Highschool. Also was a gymnast for over 15 years. Now he enjoys his motorcycle.

  • Quotes

    • Micah: The best place to go snowboarding is Colorado. There, you jump out of the helicopters, and you have powder up to your neck. It's snowboarders' heaven.

    • Micah: I'm really goofy. I'm always looking for the practical joke! I love to make people laugh!

    • Micah (On his character Matt, in Wildfire): He's a love and a fighter. If you press the wrong buttons, he's not going to take any trash, he'll just come right after you.