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    • During the Top Chef episode "Family Favorites", Micah was asked to update the classic American family meal of meatloaf and mashed potatoes in a lower cholesterol form. Unfortunately for her, not only was her dish deemed to be the worst of that round, but she also offended the Judges when she said she had attempted to include a ketchup-like glaze, because, "You Americans love ketchup". They felt she was speaking in a patronizing fashion, since her Judges were all serious foodies who have much more discriminating palettes than she appeared to credit them as having.

    • Micah was somewhat controversial for her run on the third season of Top Chef, because she said she was South African. Strictly speaking, she was only part South African, and she was raised in Massachusetts. One of her former schoolmates pointed out the inaccuracy of Micah's statement in one of the blogs at Bravo's website, and even her fellow competitors found her mislabeling herself to be disingenous.

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