Michael Angelis

Michael Angelis


1/18/1952, Liverpool,England

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Michael Angelis has starred in a lot of BBC shows and movies such as No Surrender,Between The Lines,and Happy 40th Birthday BBC TV (2004). He is well known as the longest narrator for Thomas and Friends and has narrated it since 1991. Thats 8 full seasons so far…more


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  • Seven seasons and still running

    In 1991, Season Three of Thomas the Tank Engine aired and everyone was surprised that Ringo Starr had been replaced by another narrator, Micheal Angelis. But after a rocky first season, Micheal grew to be loved globally as his narration just got better and better and was in fact offered a role in the movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad. I like Micheal as his voice is great. I didn't really like Season Three as his voice was too whiny but it got much better in the later seasons but currently he seems to be using the same voice for a lot charecters, though he is still the best narrator ever!moreless
  • Greatest Narrator of Thomas The Tank Engine, EVER!

    Michael Angelis began narrating Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends, in the third series, 1991, and has been narrating, ever since, making him the longest narrator running. He is truely a talented narrator for Thomas. The thing that makes him outstanding is that he takes pride in his narration, making him part of the story. He sounds very interested in his work. He gives excellent voices to the characters, including his Liverpudlian accent for James, his Scottish accent for Duncan, his high-pilot accent for Harold and his Yorkshire accent for the Fat Controller. As well as the TV series, he has narrated Calling All Engines, the Pack episodes, and the new audio books for the Railway Series. I hope he never retires from narrating Thomas, because he's the best!!!moreless