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    • Michael: Peter (Michael's character in the musical Bare: a pop opera) is like a lot of young people, gay or straight. He's trying to figure out his life and find out who he is sexually and emotionally, and his place in the world, and that struggle is something many of us went through in high school.

    • Michael: I'm actually sort of shy. I don't approach many strangers on the street. But I'm not afraid of people. I'm shy in person but not on stage.

    • Michael: The life of an actor truly is, in all sense of the word, that of a gypsy. You never know where you might have to go next weekend. It's exciting and it's a blessing and thrilling to be able to challenge yourself with something new. It's also terrifying because there is no security in acting. It's frightening, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else. It's worth it.

    • Michael: The first show I ever saw was Big River and I was hooked. It's funny because that ended up being the first show I did on Broadway. I was transported the first time I saw it.

    • Michael: I went to a summer camp at Interlochen in Michigan. It was the first time in my life that I was around a high and professional caliber of artists. Getting a compliment from them truly meant something and also forced me for the first time to be critical of myself and my own work. I think there's a time in every artist's life where mutual respect first occurs and that's an unforgettable moment. From then on, all it's about is maintaining that respect and challenging yourself.

    • Michael: When I saw Master Class on Broadway and I was so moved by the truth I was seeing on stage. I thought to myself "I have to share this with people. That's what I have to do.

    • Michael: As an actor, one has to "play dumb" to what is happening next. We have to forget the outcome. Where as a composer, I have to think about the entire piece all the time and be aware of the end at the beginning and vice versa. So, in changing hats, I switch from being a builder to an architect. So, the builder lays a brick one by one to finish the building in chronological order, where as the architect must design the cornerstone to support the steeple. That was, like, eight metaphors.

    • Michael: Having many interests is a blessing, but also sort of problematic. If there are several different things you love to do, it's about putting all these pots on the fire and then moving them around...I tend to overload myself like that; I hope to get to a place where I'm able to focus more. Maybe, at some point, I might decide that I don't want to act for awhile, but I don't want to make that decision right now. If I'm lucky enough to get work, I'll take it. I'll soak it all up and use it when I write between the hours of three and five in the morning.

    • Michael: I trained as a classical actor at Juilliard. I jump at the opportunity to do classical text...But I never in a million years guessed I'd get to play Juliet!

    • Michael: I act because there are no rules.