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Michael Ball

Michael Ball


6/27/1962, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England

Birth Name

Michael Ashley Ball


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    • Michael: Nobody can make me sing something that I don't want to.

    • Michael: The only advice I can give anybody wanting to pursue a career in this business is - first of all develop a very thick skin, second work as hard as you can and do as much as you can in as many different fields as you can. And watch as much as you can, you learn so much from watching other people perform. That's certainly what I did, and get as much experience as possible on stage, even amateur dramatics, putting on stuff with your friends, doing workshops, going to classes, whatever, and be prepared to face rejection because it happens to all of us whatever stage we are at in our careers, but when it works there is no better job in the world. It isn't a job it's a joy, so go for your dreams always, even if they turn into nightmares.