Michael Bay





2/17/1965 , Los Angeles California USA

Birth Name

Michael Benjamin Bay




Michael Bay (born on February 17, 1965) is an American director who has several blockbuster movies under his belt. Bay graduated Wesleyan University and spent his early 20s working on and directing music videos and commercials. During the early years, Bay directed videos for such top music industry luminaries as Tina Turner, Wilson Phillips, and Lionel Richie. Bay made his first feature film in 1995 with Bad Boys. The fast-paced shoot 'em up starred Will Smith at the beginning of his action hero days and popular funnyman Martin Lawrence. The director followed that movie up with The Rock starring Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery. Bay has made a career out of high budget movies that have one big explosion after another. Bay made headlines in 2010 when he had a very public feud with one of the stars of his "Transformers" movies. He and actor Megan Fox traded barbs through media interviews and social media postings.