Michael Beardsley





3/5/1976 , Santa Cruz, California

Birth Name

Michael Dean Beardsley



Michael Beardsley was born March 5th 1976 in Santa Cruz,
California; he graduated from San Lorenzo Valley High School in 1994. While he enjoyed performing skits and making videos for various classes, he never took a single acting class while he was in high school, he was heavily involved in cross-country and track. Michael did play Horatio in a sixth grade production of Hamlet, but that doesn't really count.

After graduating from high school, Michael attended UC
Santa Cruz where he went on to achieve a Bachelor of Arts degree. During his freshman year at college, Michael took an introduction to acting class; it was a class he always wanted to take. Before taking the class, he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life; after the quarter was over, he decided to change his major from undeclared to Theater Arts. It was some time before he was actually able to get cast in any of the school's productions or even accepted into another acting studio class, there were countess other students who had far more acting experience.
He began taking the classes required for the major and studying the acting history and theory.

At the start of his junior year in college, Michael was
cast in his first play; it was a student written piece called By the Dawns Early Light. While his part was relatively small, he says that it was still a great experience for him. He'd later go on to gain bigger parts in other better productions. Michael did two short student films while attending UC Santa Cruz, though he never got to see either of the finished products. He also worked behind the scenes as prop master for many of the school's most elaborate shows. By the end of his senior year, he'd become very comfortable at UC Santa Cruz, but it was time to move on.

By the time he graduated, he knew exactly what he had to do; in October 1998, about four months after graduation, he moved to Los Angeles. Since he's been in Los Angles, Michael's learned a great deal about how the movie industry works, though he hasn't exactly had a lot of success breaking into it. He's had speaking parts in a few independent movies as well as some fairly good non-speaking roles in mainstream television and theatrical productions. At this early point in his career, he's probably best known for his reoccurring character "Humphries" on the critically acclaimed but prematurely canceled series Freaks
and Geeks.