Michael Beck

Michael Beck


2/4/1949, Memphis, TN

Birth Name

John Michael Beck Taylor


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Michael Beck was born in Memphis, TN, the closest hospital to his family's 2000 acre farm at Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas. He is the third of nine children, with four brothers and four sisters. He excelled in track and football in high school and was awarded a football scholarship…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Beck was born just ten days after late comic actor John Belushi, within the same year. Both were born within seven months of *Officer And a Gentleman* star Richard Gere.

    • Despite physically-demanding roles in *The Warriors* and *The Last Ninja* (an unsold pilot movie), Beck has no formal martial-arts training.

    • Michael is frequently mistaken for composer-musician-singer Steve Winwood, whom he resembles.

    • Played quarterback for his college football team at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.

    • He is 5 foot 11 inches tall.

    • Michael spent a lot of time -- a whole lot of time -- trying to explain to the writers of Houston Knights that "Y'all" had to be used only in the plural -- and only rarely. He was adamant that Southern accents and colloquialisms be used properly and not to stereotype Southerners. He was also very adamant about his accent being correct for the Houston area of Texas.

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  • He was wonderful as Swan and just as good in Madman, and Sgt.Levon Lundy in the tv series Houston Knights is still one of my favorite cops ever.

    I have admired Michael\'s acting talents since seeing him in 1979\'s The Warriors. I have enjoyed everything I have ever seen him do, including guest appearances and tv movies. Always a treat to watch him work. I am enjoying listening to his audio book narrations too.

    I just found one more guest appearance too that was in 1998 in Born Free, as Luke in "the Reunion"