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Michael Bernardo

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    • Michael never meant to be an actor, he plans to produce a series sometime in the near future.

    • at 17 he started the Bernardo Karate Academy.

    • Michael Benardo started his martial arts training at the age of 8. His parents put him on to Judo, to gain self confidence, and from there he became interested in Karate at the same school. Michael trained at four schools and got his black belt from Richard Kim in California.

      At the age of 17, he started Bernardo Karate Academy. After receiving a Bachelor of Art Degree in Ontario, he started Bernardo Karate training on a full-time base.

      Throughout the years 1988-1994 he dominated the National Tournament Circuit.

      and for some cool pics see

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  • so freaking hot! and a great actor too.

    I have had a crush on Michael Bernardo ever since highschool (yep it's been that long since WMAC Masters first aired.)In additon to haveing the sexiest body in all of afternoon tv, he's his larger then life characters and of course his martial arts work make him a star worth idolizing. Wh8ich makes it all the more sad that he retired from all that is show biz in 1997. (in order to run a chain of martial arts achools in southern Canada.)

    my little fansite is a collection of screen shots from most of his movies (allot of them are hard to locate.)