Michael Brandon

Michael Brandon


4/20/1945, Brooklyn, New York

Birth Name

Michael Feldman


  • Michael Brandon as Marcus Wendall in Hustle
  • Michael Brandon is Colonel Norton in New...
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Michael Brandon was born in Brooklyn, New York on April 20, 1945. He has starred in various stage productions such as 'Does A Tiger Wear a Necktie' and 'Jerry Springer: The Opera' as well as TV shows and movies such as 'Dempsey and Makepeace', 'FM' and more recently…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Childish Narrater

    The Bad thing about living in the US with TTTE is Michael Brandon. Hes a Very Childish sounding Narrater. He basically is no Michael Angelis who I wish could have been the narrater in the US Like Originally Planned for Season 7. Because of Michael Brandon Season 7 has the Crappy new Music rather than the good music done by Mike O'Donnel and Junior Cambell. Im glad Pierce Brosnan will Replace him because cannot stand Michael Brandons Voice and knowing he ruined Season 7 for America. Even so He was alright i Saltys Stormy Tale, Harold and the Flying Horse and Bulgy Rides again in the Thomas and the Jet Engine DVD and VHS but thats because the original music was used due to Season 6 with Alec Baldwin who did a good job I dont care if he made James sound like a Homosexual.moreless
  • Not a great narrator

    In the age of the internet, the era of YouTube came up. I became a regular visitor to find the newer Thomas episodes. Some were American and I had to sadly endure Micheal Brandon. The newest American narrator seems to be the worst! I must agree with most of the bad wrap he has been given. Most of his voices make the engines sound whiny and nerdy or if the engines have a cold. His narration is alright but he makes lots of mistakes, espically the famous Rusty Gender confusion. Some are sad to see him go but personally I couldn't be more pleasedmoreless