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Michael is an American actor who graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He has been involved with Improv Olympic and many theater productions. He is best known for his work on the show My Boys.


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    • Michael: (On going from being a guest star to being a star) It's weird going from five to 10 lines to being a regular. Guest starring can be hard. Each set has its own atmosphere, and it relaxes me on the job now having a steady cast and scripts.

    • Michael: (About shooting My Boys in Chicago, where it's based instead of L.A.) We shot in Chicago for a week this time around, and I have to tell you it is never enough. The people, the food, the vibe - I'm not sure if it gets much better!

    • Michael: You know, I did a lot of theater before I moved to Los Angeles, but when I got to L.A., it was hard to do theater, because you want to have the freedom to audition for other stuff.

    • Michael: (On his show My Boys) Honestly, we hope people watch this show and go, "That's how I am with my friends." We want to do something entertaining that people relate to.

    • Michael: (On his My Boys character Kenny) It's a ton of fun to play him. We are so well taken care of by the writers, everybody plays a really interesting [character], and ideally that will continue to grow. Kenny's really fun to play, there are a lot of things [in him] that are similar to me in real life, but on the show they're blown way out of proportion. Some actors always have to be the toughest guy in the scene, the coolest guy in the scene. Me? You could put egg on my face in every episode, I don't mind. I enjoy it, I really do.

    • Michael: (On if his friends in real life are like his friends on My Boys) For the majority of my best friends in life... if I'm telling a story and I mispronounce a word, they'll turn it into like a three-minute teasing session. So the answer's yes. All my buddies and my brothers, it's done in a friendly way, but we love to poke fun at each other.

    • Michael: (On upcoming changes to his show My Boys) As of now, [as far as I know] everything is staying the same. It's still going to be a half hour and it's still going to be single camera, not done in front of a live audience, which I really like. A lot of the stuff that happens on the show is sometimes based on things that might have happened to one of us in real life. The coffee thing… I do take girls to coffee, but I don't think I'm like Kenny.

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