Michael Burns





12/30/1947 , Mineola, Long Island, New York

Birth Name




When Michael was two yeas old, his family moved to Younkers, NY, where he attended P.S. 21. When he was eight years old, the family moved to Beverly Hills California, where in the fifth grade, his success story really began. The father of one of the girls in his class worked in Show Business. She was eavesdropping on a conversation and happened to hear that a casting director was looking for a youngster to play a boy businessman -- the head of a babysitting service -- in a tv production.
She brought Michael to the attention of her father, and the rest is history. Her father put him in touch with the proper people and launched his career in 1957 or 1958 depending on which version you hear.

Michael was in several episodes of Wagon Train before becoming a series regular and finished out series run as Barnaby West. He also made several movies, including "That Cold Day In The Park", "Thumb Tripping", "40 Guns To Apache Pass" and a number of others, and guest starred in numerous television shows as well.

He has been a professor of history at Mount Holyoke College for at least the last twenty years, and is married to MHC's ex-president, Elizabeth Topham Kennan.