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  • The man's an actor's actor - he's a pro, all the way. It's not just talent, it's commitment and a real solid work ethic.

    He's been in over a hundred movies, taken a lot of bit parts, taken a lot of parts that could have been bad. He has a sense of humor, no massive ego, and unconventional looks. He's got a solid sense of professionalism and some skills honed over years of working a craft. Impressive as all get-out, solid and talented and fun. My personal favorite at the moment is Alfred in Batman - he's fairly perfect for that role. (This might sound weird, but I always had a thing for Alfred. He was the prim and propper one, disapproving butler's sniff and all, but inside he was sort of a radical...) So Michael get s an A for all the years of hard work, and mad skillz, and general awesomeness.