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  • The definitive Australian actor.

    Michael Caton is the true Aussie larrikin, and has a terrific sense of humour. He has starred in many shows of varied genres, and proven that he can really play any character.

    More recently he has hosted the property shows Hot Property and Hot Auctions. Though serious shows of real-life property sales, Michael brought a distinct Aussie humour to the show, and it proved enjoyable viewing for all. He even had a notable recurring appearance on the long-running Australian soap/drama All Saints.

    However, he is best known to Australians (of this generation) as Daryl Kerrigan, from the quintessential Australian movie, The Castle. He plays the average Australian family man whose house, or his "castle", is under threat as the airport wishes to expand, and a fight for his property ensues. The Castle rated at No. 3 on the best Australian movies of all time last week on the show 20 To 1, due in no small part to Michael Caton's flawless comic performance, with lines forever forged in Australian dialogue from "How's the serenity?" to "Tell him he's dreamin'" to "That's going straight to the pool room."

    To the older generations he is known as Harry Sullivan, from the show The Sullivans, where once again he delivered a flawless performance.

    Michael Caton is one of the best Australian actors around, and really deserves to be provided with a new show to work on.