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  • Michael Copon is a actor, model, and he can sing. What more can you ask for? He's half German and half Filipino. He's known as Lucas the Blue Power Ranger, Felix from One Tree Hill, and Vin from Beyond The Break.

    Hot Hot Hot Hot and did I mention Hot. Ok yeah I'm crazy in love with this gorgeous guy. Everytime I see him guest star on Thats So Raven I can't help but scream and when I see him on the commercials on The N I can't help but squeal not to mention I cut him out of the Jcpenny flyers in which he has featured in. ::Sigh:: Truly amazing and you can't help but fall for his adorable smile. I think he's very talented I mean for goodness sakes he can sing, dance, and act! Needless to say I'm jealous of all the actresses who he has locked lips with. Haha :P
  • Michael Copon! The power Ranger!

    Michael Copon plays the Power Ranger, Lucas and that is where he started off. He was also on a VH1 show, "But Can They Sing?" he is one of the 9 contestants there and damn right he can sing. He has guest stared in The WB's hit TV teen drama show "One Tree Hill" he plays Felix. Felix is a very arrogant and egotistic jerk. Yet that's not him in real life. In real life, he is a mature guy who is very professional but knows how to have fun. He is an outstanding actor and a very good model.
  • wow hes great

    Michael is a good actor and singer. plus he hott. i mean u can just see it hell go far, with modeling acting singing or what ever. i like him alot on beyond the break that show rocks. and with him in it it rocks even more. i htink you should give him a show because many people mostly teen girls would watch it. we need a show with a hot guy main character not a pretty girl. its getting old. lets get in to a guys life. a show were we can figure out guys. he would make a good main charter.
  • Micheal Copon is one Hott Power Ranger!

    Blue is my favorite! I think he is part flip! He looks part flip! Im flip. He is a really great actor. He plays a really good bad boy. Bad boys are awesome. Micheal should have his own show, it would probably be great.I loved Micheal on One Tree Hill. I wonder if he is going to return! Anyways See you on the flip side.
  • He's put a spell on me and otherz, a bit of charm, mixed with a nice body.add some acting skillz,eyez from a god, a great smile...plus what seemz like a great personality and you would have Michale Copon.

    When i first met the character felix on what of my favorite showz i was taken back by how cute he was. Even on the side of chad he still seem to glow. Micheal is a great actor,his roles or so diffrent on That's so Raven, he played a guy from a brainless boy group and still seem to leave you mesemerized...and then he played a super hero...eveidentally the sky is the limit for this new heart throb and i hope to see him in a lot mor shows and hopefully some moviez...He's put a spell on me and otherz, a bit of charm, mixed with a nice body.add some acting skillz,eyez from a god, a great smile...plus what seemz like a great personality and you would have Michale Copon. all i can say is.....wow...and um will you marry me?
  • Well, I am Michael Copon's cousin and I just would like the say a few kind words about him...

    Well, yes, I am Michael Copon's cousin. I was just wondering around online and came across this site seeing that Michael has a little profile himself. That's pretty exciting for me to see because I am his cousin. I am really happy for him. Even though I rarely see him anymore (because he's always sooo busy), I just want him to know that he has my full support. No matter what he does in this acting industry, I'll always be there to cheer him on just like any other fan would. I wish him luck on his acting career in the future and may he be casted on to many more shows. Michael, YOU ROCK!!! He inspires me so much because I am planning on becoming an actress one day as well. Whenever I see Mike on TV, I never think of him as only a really good-looking, talented actor; I think of him as a normal person who has finally reached their dream on becoming an actor. That's exactly what I hope to reach in the future as well. I love you Kuya Mike!!! LOL.
    *Since hardly anyone believes that I am his cousin, and people gets mad at me for "pretending" to be his cousin, I can prove to you if you would just go to Myspace.com and click on the "Search" button on the top of the page and type in "Tiffany Sales" in the name field. You will then see several family photos of Michael if you just look around my profile. GOOD LUCK!!!