Michael Des Barres

Michael Des Barres


1/24/1948, England, UK

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Michael Des barres, Michael Des Barnes
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Former hard rock singer and front man, Michael has fronted as part of "Detective" and "Power Station", in connection with Led Zeppelin and Duran Duran. Longtime friend of Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and later married his girlfriend, Pamela Miller. Now works primarily in the states as an actor.


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    • Michael: I had more record deals than most people have haircuts.

    • Michael: Some people think of me as the character in band, some think of me as a serious thespian. Some know me as a dilettante famous for being famous. It's all true, darling!

    • Michael: Rock `n` roll will always run through my veins.

    • Michael: I love Rosie and Tom madly - they`re the Sid and Nancy of network television. That show is the best fun. Hard work? No. People who work in factories, people who`re on their feet all day, work hard. I get 1 1/2 packets of Sweet `n Low brought to me every 20 minutes, a parking spot with my name on it. It's the greatest thing in the world.

    • Michael: First of all, music is such an extraordinary thing because people can form allegiances, can fall in love to it, can have sex to it, can hike to it, it`s such a part of our heartbeat. I think that, rightly or wrongly, rock and roll stars have become spokespeople, which is interesting, especially when someone asks Britney Spears what she thinks of Kosovo.

    • Michael Des Barres: The problem with rock and roll projects is that they are so riddled with clichés. Every script I've ever read about a rock star pretty much sucks. I was offered one the other day about a drummer and his name was Skins. OK? I read another one where the character`s name was Jack Daniels. So that`s the level of rock`n`roll movies and none of them have worked because they`re not about people. They`re about what people assume rock and roll is, but Sugar Town is about people.