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  • Check out his impressive résumé!

    This guy should be in so much more famous than he actually is! He can be found in such varied and diverse places and successfully creates engaging and memorable characters. I truly wish I got to hear him voicing characters more often. He is so talented and able to take on such an assortment of projects! It is exciting to see that he (now and then) makes trips into the world of live action television. It is always fun to be able to put a face to a name but even then he is way too underused! I must say, I hope to see/ hear him again soon!
  • Michael is awesome!

    Hi, my name is Amber Dobson, I don\'t believe I am related to Michael, but I wish I was! I started reading Michael when he was doing a column for techweenies.com.....my husband and I loved his humor,we too have to do Voodoo to get anything with hp to work! I found out later that Micheal also did voices, and appearences...my son (14), had to give me the low-down on Michael and Paul-sorry! Thank you Michael for your sense of humor and ability to translate that to pen, e-mail, ;), tv, etc....
    Hope you write more columns soon....