Michael Ealy

Michael Ealy


8/3/1973, home state of Maryland, New York(where he honed his craft on stage) & N.Carolina

Birth Name

Michael Brown


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Michael is a great young actor in his 20's.He did a lot of shows while being in NYC.Michael has been in several plays such as the Off Broadway hit Joe Fearless (Atlantic Theatre Company), Whoa-Jack (Tribeca Playhouse), the undiscovered hit Mentalk and the 2001 AUDELCO nominated Reality (both…more


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    • (On being asked if he could see himself doing something else if he wasn't acting.)
      Michael: Teaching. When I was in college I was an English major and my last year or so I tutored high school students in reading and writing. After I got into acting I said to myself, where does your real passion lie and if you do the teaching route will you say 'what if?' when you are 40 and regret that you didn't act. I thought, "Hell yeah, I would regret it.

    • Micheal: I love to act because it's the only aspect of my life beside God and family that I am truly passionate about on a daily basis. I thank God for not only the gift of creative expression but also surrounding me with others who both possess the gift and support it to the fullest.


    Michael Ealy, The sexiest actor ever. Those eyes. They totally melt my hear everytime I watch a movie he is in. I could watch Barber shop over and over again. He is so sexy. The body and the EYES. I actually got jealous in Barber shop 2 when he was kissing Eve. LOL My boyfriend gets all pissed at me when I'm watching a movie with Michael in it because I pay him no attention. If Michael is on the screen my eyes are on the screen. I want to meet him one time. I would probably have a heart attack. LOL.moreless
  • Really a hot and sexy man

    He really gets into character. He brings life to his role and i would love to play a love scene with this man he\'s mouth watering. He has so much going for him i hope he keeps that bad boy image and work it out. We know it\'s not easy but I\'m glad for you fame. I hope that when they do another movie down south in Memphis that you come to try out for a part. You have a lot of fans out here who would love to see you represent Memphis. Your talent holds no bounds keep on moving and press forward I\'m behind you.moreless