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Michael Easton

Michael Easton


2/15/1967, Manhattan Beach, California

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Michael Easton


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Born in California to Irish parents, Michael Easton attended prep school in Ireland and England before studying English and history at the University of California and film at New York University. Michael wrote, produced, directed and edited the award winning festival film "Daedalus is Dead," and he has…more


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    • Michael: I grew up wanting to be Jack Kerouac, and I wound up on a soap, and I think I was just very young and very arrogant and self-involved. I was like, How did I wind up here?

    • Michael: I wear the same thing to every audition — a black T-shirt, the same pair of jeans, and motorcycle boots — whether I'm reading for a preppy murder or whatever. I've never relied on costumes or the right hair. With me it comes from here (pointing to his heart).

  • Overated.

    not that great. Please go off of GH.
  • Michael was excellent as vampire Caleb on "Port Charles" and continues to shine as tormented cop John on "One Life to Live."

    I first caught Michael's talent in 2001 when he joined the cast of "Port Charles," the spin-off show of "General Hospital." Michael played a dual role of tormented priest Michael and devious vampire Caleb. Michael pulled off the difficult task with great ease and quickly become a fan favorite. It was Michael's portrayal of Caleb that brought fans to the lowly-rated soap durings its "Tainted Love" story, which proved to be the most popular story arc of the series. When Caleb was killed off, Michael's popularity endured so much that producers brought him back the following year as rock star Stephen Clay, who was soon revealed to be Caleb, back from the undead. When "Port Charles" was cancelled the following year, Michael was quickly snapped up by fellow ABC soap, "One Life to Live." Michael once again proved his talent and versatility by taking on a completely different role, that of tormented FBI agent John McBain. Michael continues to shine in the role and prove he's a true acting talent. You can catch Michael in reruns of "Port Charles" on SoapNet and weekdays on "One Life to Live" on ABC and SoapNet.moreless