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  • Greed is good (if he wants to be boiled in molten gold for all eternity that is)...

    If there is one thing I have known about Michael Eisner, it's how he made Disney look like the evil corporation of today in the 1980s. Bluntly, he is the same dummkopf he was since he took over and left the company, not to mention that he allowed Yin Yang Yo to be cancelled or, better yet, put on hiatus; I mean, seriously, that show was the bomb and he just had to kill off the golden goose in front of everyone who watched these such shows that gotten popular. And now I have heard that he is behind Glen Martin D.D.S.; basically, Eisner's a miserly Scrooge who is worse than the Scrooge in Charles Dickens' immortal classic. In this case, I bet Michael Eisner wants to cancel it once it reaches 65 episodes so I have but two words: He Stinks!