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    • Micheal almost got Ronald Reagan to do an "I'm going to Disney World!" ad. The day after he left office, Reagan made an appearance at USC. During his speech he said "The Disney people asked me to appear in a commercial. They were going have a close up of my face and an announcer would say,'Mr President, you just completed two sucessful terms as President of the United States, what are you going to do now?' and I was to say 'I'm going to Disney World!' Well, I told them I couldn't because I'm going to USC." This clip, along with the applause from the crowd that followed it, was shown on each network's newscast that evening, giving Disney the publicity - if not the exact ad - it wanted.

    • Micheal credits his wife with coming up with the idea for the "I'm going to Disney World!" campaign.

    • Michael is the father of Eric Eisner & Breck Eisner.

    • Michael is married to Jane Breckenridge. They have been married since 1967.

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