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  • Brilliant, talented man.

    When I was a kid, my parents would eagerly watch Lost and I remember I'd hide whenever Ben Linus showed up on the screen, because I remember his voice and creepy blue eyes scare the heck out of me. I grew out of that phase, and I remember asking my mother why he always looked like he was being beat up. Huh.

    Right now, I'm watching Mr. Emerson on Person of Interest, and his portrayal of the genius billionaire philanthropist (see what I did there) was one of the few core reasons why I stuck to the show all those months ago. I love how he mixes tech-savvy genius man, richer-than-God man, and delightfully educated and tastefully-dressed man personas into a character I love seeing on-screen. Don't make me start about his suits.

    Also, I love how Mr. Emerson is a theatre actor and an illustrator: two things I really want to be. Really, really cool.
  • Fantastic Actor

    I loved Michael Emerson in Lost, he is a tremendous actor who had my emotions all over the place with his portrayal of Benjamin Linus. He is now playing Harold Finch in Person of Interest. This is a character who may be a genuis but is lonely, damaged and isolated. Emerson's portrayal makes your heart ache for poor old Finch. Emerson also has great comic timing and comes across as someone who in real life is as gentle as a kitten. How can you not love this guy.
  • Mike Emerson is such a good actor on Person of Interest!


    Mike is very believable on Person of Interest. I love that show and it holds my attention all through it. I tape it when I cannot watch it while it is scheduled sometimes so I won't miss an episode.

    He does such a good job of acting and is very believable person with lots of tech savvy, etc. I hope Mr. Reese can find out more about him on the show since I also am curious about him, haha.

    This show has such good actors and writing and I sure hope it plays for a long time and the actors all continue. Thanks so much for giving me such pleasure to watch!

  • i LOVE this guy!

    i LOVE this guy! Benjamin Linus is a work of art! He's in my top ten Best Bad Guys Ever list right along side the Wicked Witch of th West & Darth Vader.(number 1 is Clancy Brown as the Kurgan in Highlander). Im so impressed. ok 100 word minimum....Im surprised we havnt seen (more of) Emerson before; hes the kinda guy i would love to have seen perform in his 20s or even ealier. We got lucky with Clint Eastwood,for instance, watching him act from very young to directing /writing /producing /everything in his older years. Too bad we couldnt have had Emerson all this time too.
  • Review.

    So lately I have made myself a promise to review more actors on this site and by lately I mean now. So to get started who better than the best actor on TV who plays one of the best characters on TV on the best show on TV, It's none other than Michael Emerson a talented and two time Emmy award Nominee actor. Now this man should have those two Emmy's for sure. He is awesome as Ben Linus on Lost he has created a very unique character that is unpredictable and menacing. Is Ben a villain? Who know? What we do know is that he is acted out superbly by Emerson and that Lost wouldn't feel right without him. When I re watch the show and watch season one and the first half of season two I think "I cant wait till Ben comes into it" I love the first season especially from the first time I watched it but now I wonder what the the show would be like with out this great actor well I think it wouldn't be as good as it is with him.
  • I think this a great actor, yes, you maybe can think this is because I love Lost but that isn't true. I like this actor because I think is very talented.

    I first saw Michael Emerson in the episode "One of Them" of the second season of Lost, arond the year 2006. Since I saw him for the first time, I saw he was a very good actor, because I really liked his interpretation. He was like a man who had lost his wife and had arrived in the island in a ballon, but he also was like a man of "The Others", two man very diferents. I think it's not easy to interpretate that two roles, and he did that perfectly. When it started in the series Lost he was only been in the series a few episodes, but finally they decided continue with him. I think that is the best decision they could have.
  • Micheal Emerson is Brilliant!

    Micheal Emerson is a fantastic Actor and we have seen how good he is in the episodes of Lost.

    Since he joined the Cast of Lost the show has gotten a lot better and more interesting.

    His Performance in every episode is outstanding and no wonder he has been nominated for awards.

    There are times were you just feel like hating him in Lost but other times were I can't understand him at all.

    I have never seen him work on any other Movies or Series but he really made a good name for himself in Lost and a lot of people would like to see more of him.

    A Very Very Talented Actor!!
  • Ben Linus on LOST

    Michael Emerson is best known for playing, Ben Linus, on the hit t.v. show LOST. Though he's not my favorite character, his acting is excellent and tops almost everybodies in television. Ben Linus is the leader of the others, a native group of people that live on the mysterious island. What's so great about Ben Linus is that he is very manupulative and can get inside any characters head. There have been other villians on LOST but those villians were all just physical for the most part. Ben is very intelligent. In my opinion, Ben is the greatest villian in the history of television.
  • Just absolutely brilliant.

    Michael, who plays Ben, in the show Lost, is just one of the best actors I have seen, although he does have an awesome character to play, it would have been difficult to pull off just right. When we first met Ben, he was this mysterious guy, and you just knew he was made of pure evil, but once the viewers of Lost got to know him better, he almost became a "good guy" in a way. A few actions put him right back on the fence, leaving us, the viewers, wondering who this guy is? Michael pulls of Ben very well and is just an amazing actor, Ben is one of my favourite characters on the show because it adds such a cool story into the show.
  • Michael Emerson is a brilliant original actor...

    Michael Emerson is an American actor of the stage and screen. He won an "Outstanding Guest Actor" Emmy in 2001 for a part on The Practice, but is currently most famous for his roles as Zep Hindle in the 2004 film Saw and Ben Linus in the television series Lost.
    Michael Emerson was born on September the 7th 1954.
    Emerson was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and grew up in the neighboring town of Toledo, Iowa. After graduating in 1976 from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, where he studied theater and art, he moved to New York City. Unable to find acting work, he took retail jobs and worked as a freelance illustrator. In 1986, he moved with his first wife to Jacksonville, Florida. There, from 1986 to 1993, he appeared in local productions, and worked as a teacher and director.In film and television, Emerson made a name for himself playing somewhat dangerous, damaged characters. He would play the roles as having an ambiguity about them, with the mild-mannered package not looking like the contents. In 2001, he won an Emmy Award as "Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series", for playing the confessed serial killer William Hinks in several episodes of The Practice.
    One of Emerson's most well-known works was in 2004, as the character Zep Hindle in the horror movie Saw. In that year he also played the loyal somewhat Alfred Pennyworth-like butler to a Rock Hudson-like heartthrob, Guy Stone, in the comedy film Straight-Jacket.
    In 2006, Emerson began a guest starring role playing Ben Linus (formerly called "Henry Gale" on the show) on the serial drama television series Lost. Originally set to appear in a small number of episodes, Emerson returned for the third season as a main cast member, earning a 2007 Emmy nomination for his work on the series.
    Emerson met his second wife, actress Carrie Preston, while he was performing in a stage production of Hamlet in Alabama. They married in September 1998, and both Emerson and his wife starred in the 2004 film, Straight-Jacket. On Lost, Preston portrays Emerson's character's mother in flashback sequences.
    He does a great job on Lost as Ben keeping his character sinister and mysterous.
  • Michael Emerson who portrays Ben in ABC's Lost is a brilliant actor, and plays the villain "Henry Gale" in such an amazing manner.

    His performance as the leader of the others, Ben, is part of what makes the show truly memorable, as every scene he is in is one to remember. Whether he is sending chills down your spine, or muttering just a few words, his acting ability never ceases to amaze me. The twisted way in which he plays the character is excellent and he brings a definite quality to the villain making him totally different from your typical TV "bad guy".

    He is one of the greatest actors on television at the moment and every performance delivered by him on Lost, is nothing short of outstanding.
  • Lost is what Emerson does.

    Michael Emerson brings out the mystery that is Lost. He plays the mysterious Benjamin Lineaus supposed leader of the "Others." He is the mastermind of most of the third season. This actor provides adds a diferent taste among the Lost cast. He holds the mystery of the disapearance of the DHARMA initiative. His character is a master a lies and deceit, we first knew him as Henry Gale, later we learned he was lying. We learn more of his plan later, why he kidnapped some of the losties in season three. We learn he his a tumor on his spine and requires help from one of the people who hate him most on the island. Michael Emerson is a fantastic actor.
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    Why hasn't Michael Emerson starred in many TV Shows because he wipes everyone else off the screen. He is too good of an actor to be doing TV
  • empty

    Why hasn't Michael Emerson starred in many TV Shows because he wipes everyone else off the screen. He is too good of an actor to be doing TV
  • Creepy, yet awesome!

    Get this guy an Emmy! Michael Emerson is an amazing actor on the tv show LOST. The way he plays Benjamin Linus is simply stunning! He has something about him that is so creepy and mysterious. It's so cool. I love watching interviews with him. He's just awesome! His acting is beyond spectatcular. I hope he gets an award sometime soon. I think Michael Emerson would be an awesome person to get to sit down and talk with. Hopefully I'll meet him one of these days. (Yeah right! Like that'll ever happen). Anyways, I think Michael Emerson deserves a bunch of awards for his acting!
  • Michael Emerson is one of the most fascinating television character-actors of the past decade.

    I remember him when he portrayed a killer on different occurrences of 'Law & Order!' Even then, the producers (and the people who watched the show) could not believe how much his charisma and talent made the characters he portrayed so 'believable.'

    His uncanny ability to totally engross audiences makes him easily one of the absolute greatest character-actors of the past decade. His latest (and, by far, most prominent) role is on the television show 'LOST,' where he has stood out from the crowd as the wonderful Henry Gale/Benjamin Linus. Again, Michael demands attention every second he is on screen, and the vast fan base of LOST has soaked up every minute of his acting. He is a wonderful actor who I can only hope I see more and more of as my days of watching television (and stage or movies) continue.
  • How does he do it?!?

    If Michael Emerson isn't just the most telented actor on Lost, who is. He is just superb. I only know him from Lost but I know that he did a lot of theatre work and I can imagine how well he did. Those evil scenes in season 2 where he pertraid the good and bad guy, he did it so brilliantly. I am so glad that he is here to stay.
  • This guy just makes me want to laugh!!!

    Michael who plays Henry Gale or Ben(whatever his real name is) on Lost is one of the funniest characters ever to appear on Lost!

    Since Rousseau (the french woman) caught him in the jungle with Sayid bringing him to the hatch and locking him up would be the funniest times on Lost ever. The funniest times I've seen is when he tries to tell the other survivors that he's NOT one of the others, it's just what he does to convince them that he is telling telling the truth. He is also talented and a great actor who deserves to be one of the main characters until Lost finishes for good. Overall Michael Emerson is a very talented and hilarious actor that should appear on many more TV shows!
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    I only know Michael Emerson in his role as "Benjamin Linus" on the television show "Lost." He really seems like a truly evil guy. While it was quite amazing that he survived being captured in the hatch, it was MUCH cooler how he woke up during spinal surgery.
  • Michael Emerson.

    Michael Emerson, The Man Who Stars In Lost As Benjamin Linus. First He Insisted That His Name Was Henry Gale.
    A Great Cover Story. He Apears To Be The Leader Of A Group Called The Others.

    He's A Calm And Relaxed Man Untill He Is Provocked By Jack, Kate And Sawyer.

    Watch This Space.
  • Review

    Known most recently for his role on the hit series Lost, Micheal Emerson really shiens as a true bad guy of television / movies. His role in Saw as a creepy guy was a great performance, but nothing can top his masterpiece perfermance as Henry Gale / Ben Linus in Lost. I could not think of a better person off the top of my mind to handle being the leader of the others. Micheal Emerson plays the part to perfection and he has a great on screen connection with Jack Sheppard (played by Matthew Fox) I dont think that he could ever keep a TV show up in the air by himself, but playing a villan is what he should always aim for - he shines in those kind of roles.
  • Best actor on Lost :)

    I liked to watch Lost before but Michael Emerson got me addicted to it ;) - he is a brillant and intense actor, sometimes making me angry, giving me (slight) chills or making me feeling sorry for him.

    I can´t wait to see more of Henry Gale / Ben and was thrilled to see him again in the Season 2 finale - and then again when I heard he´d become a regular for Season 3 :)

    And - it´s not only the brilliant acting I love but the voice too (I think it was him being the narrator in the last summary).

    Lost is a great series anyway but now it´s about to become the best with Michael Emerson - I hope we see a lot of him in the future :)
  • One word: WOW.

    Michael Emerson plays Ben so well on Lost, I can't even describe it! He is perfect. He is one of the actors who actually can act. And that's a big thing. In Lost he plays an extremely complex character - perfectly. It's really convicing. It's not Michael Emerson who you see on the screen, its Henry Gale aka Ben.

    Not only his acting skills are top notch, but he got the looks for acting. No, I dont find him attractive or sexy, I'm a male, but his facial expressions, his body language is incredible.

    I love Michael Emerson, and I hope in Lost Season 3 he gets a big role.
  • wow

    he is delightfully Creepy as the other calling himself Henry Gale, and almost had me convinced in Lockedown he was who he said he was, I can't wait to see where this goes the looks he can give are simply creepy, I need to find out more about this actor
  • Brilliant in Lost

    I never really noticed Michael Emerson before Lost.. Maybe its because he havent been in much else, but in Lost he is performing better, than any of the regulars (Not that they perform bad in anyway).. His character "Henry Gale" absolutely shines, and you kinda feel sorry for him, even though he lies a lot.

    I hope Mr. Emerson receives some kind of award for his role, because it is by far the best guest character so far in a brilliant show. I hope "Henry Gale" will play a bigger role in upcoming episodes, and will be looking forward to more mysteries on the Island.