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  • Michael Fassbender is an amazing actor who\'s looks and sex appeal lend a somewhat dangerous feel to his character Azazeal on Hex. Azazeal is not only sexy but dangerous, an irresistable combination and Fassbender only proves to make the part better.

    Michael Fassbender is an incredible actor wholly in touch with his base instinct in super natural thriller, Hex. Fassbender\'s character, Azazeal, is given the sexy voice and body of Fassbender but the attitude of a true fallen angel. Only a superb actor can pull a feat like this off and Michael Fassbender has done just that. Fassbender is a gorgeous leading man not only for his looks but for that lovely accented drawl that brings female viewers to their knees. Bravo to Mr. Michael Fassbender for lending us just a little of your wonderful looks and voice each week on Hex. :-)