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Michael Filipowich

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Michael Fipowich
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  • in charlie jade, michael filipowich is good at acting nuts

    filipowich plays 01 boxer in the new science fiction series, charlie jade. boxer is the son of a powerful CEO, a CEO who has found a way to travel between paralell universes, and who will use that knowledge to pilfer the naturual resources of those newly discovered universes.

    at first, 01 seems crazy and possibly evil, thanks to filipowich's very convincing performance. then, later in the season, we learn that 01 actually has a secret life in the utopian pacifist universe, the gammaverse. again, filipowich's performance is very good, as he plays a tortured idealist who has had to sacrifice his ideals to save the home and family that he loves. in the betaverse, and even, perhaps in the gammaverse, 01 has done horrible, horrible things. he later tells charlie, "i may have killed a few people. i may even have enjoyed it."

    that's not all. 01 is violent, sexually menacing, and just plain crazy. two thumbs up for filipowich who gives a convincing performance as the series' most intriguing character, even when the scripts are a little over the top.moreless