Michael Fishman

Michael Fishman


10/22/1981, Long Beach, California, USA

Birth Name

Michael Desmond Quatill



Also Known As

Michael Aaron Fishman, Michael Fishman (I)
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Michael Desmond Quatil was born to Eric Quatil and Denatu Quatil in Manzanillo Cuba on October 22nd of 1981. He moved to Long Beach California at age 4 on October 22nd. His mother's maiden name was Denatu Guotayla. He got his name, Fishman, after his mom married Daryl…more


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    • Michael Fishman: (about his character, "DJ", on the popular, long running sit-com, "Roseanne") He's definitely been more strange than I've been.

    • Michael Fishman: When you can go back years after not seeing each other and still start over, you know, like you've never left each other. I think that's what, you can't mess that up.

    • Michael Fishman: You can't make everybody happy all the time.

    • Michael Fishman: I think that one of the things that helped with the leadership there is she pushed for a lot of shows that never would have made it on the air if she hadn't fought for them. You know we did shows that were normal, you know, shows about the girl, shows about the kids as they grew up and things that nobody else would talk about and that they didn't want us to talk about.

    • Michael Fishman: I think I got to learn from all of these people because you grow up seeing them every day and so my vision of it I guess is probably different. I think watching -- watching Roseanne work and tear apart a script on a daily basis and watching, you know, the staff of writers recreate something every day all the way to the end of the week having something that was amazing.

    • Michael Fishman: I think in many ways that probably worked in my favor just because we weren't, you know, a television oriented family. We had no knowledge. I think we did everything wrong we could have and, you know, said we couldn't make it to call backs because both my parents worked full time the whole time I worked and they didn't have time and didn't expect to have to kind of rearrange their lives.

    • Michael Fishman: (when asked how he got the role on "Roseanne") Purely by accident. I think we did everything wrong we could have. My parents didn't want me to be an actor, maybe a few commercials here and there and I went to one of the auditions and met Roseanne and found out later that she pushed for me the whole way through because I had done nothing.

    • Michael Fishman: (when asked what he's been up to since "Roseanne" ended) Kind of looking back towards getting back in the industry.

    • Michael Fishman: (when asked what he's been up to since "Roseanne" ended) I have a wife and two kids, so I've been -- I've been being a dad.