Michael Francis

Michael Francis

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British actor, active in the 1960s and 1970s.


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  • I agree with Beany73. Michael Francis is from Bad Boys II. Thanks for figuring it out for me. I love him on South Beach and the show too of course.

    After reading Beany73's review on Michael Francis, I had to go watch Bad Boys II. There he was. The Ice Van driver. He is so hot. Coming from a gay guy, that's a definite compliment. I think they should make him talk a lot more on South Beach. When he was shot he was very believable & he has a great voice. I also agree that he is a lot better looking than the main star who plays Alex. I hope they keep Michael in the show and make his part bigger.moreless
  • I've seen Michael Francis in South Beach & in a few movies now and think he needs a main role or his own tv show.

    I love all the tattoos on Michael Francis. He is a good, believable and hot actor. My friends & I watch South Beach every week now & were upset that he wasn't in last weeks episode, but was excited to see him this week. Please keep him on this show & make his role bigger. He's better looking than the character Alex.