Michael Galeota

Michael Galeota


8/28/1984, Smithtown, Long Island, New York, USA

Birth Name

Michael James Galeota


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  • Love Him 2 Death

    Omg I Love Michael 2 And I Thinks Hes The Hotest Guy In The World And Im Soo Madd2 Cause They Dont Show The Jersey No More Ether Maybe We Should Email Disney Channel Or Something Lol I Use2 Stay Up Intilll 4:00am Just 2 Wach It i Love Him 2 Death
  • Michael Galeota is soooooo extremely HOT! I think he is the hottest guy I have ever saw!! Also it makes me mad that 'The Jersey' is no longer on air. That makes me soo mad!moreless

    The Jersey was an awesome show! I always watched it! I couldnt tell you how many times that I saw each and every episode! It was all because of Michael Galeota! He is sooo HOT!!! He is the hottest guy I have ever saw in my lifee!! I'm extremely mad that the show got cut off! But I think he should act in more movies/tv shows! He's a great actor! I would just loveee to see him act more! I would also LOVE to meet him someday? That would just be the AWESOMEST thing ever!!:D But thats all I'm guna say for now! :D