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Michael Galvin is well known to New Zealand audiences. He is has been on Shortland Street for most of the time is has been on air and has made a name for himself. He has a large career, dating back from plays like Ladies Night and Blue Skymore


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  • Trivia

    • He thinks that Karl Burnett was one of the best actors on Shortland Street.

    • He enjoyed rapping in the special Shortland Street: The Musical.

    • Michael says that he enjoys it when people ask him about his plays.

    • Michael particularly enjoyed his Shortland Street storyline of Dr Warner's addiction to painkillers and his brief descent into drug dealing. But one of his most memorable scenes was about the unexpected consequences of bad breath. His character thought he had halitosis, and was using a spray breath freshener at the same time Kirsty [Angela Dotchin] was worried about being mugged and was carrying mace in her bag. He inadvertantly used the mace as breath freshener, and Grace Kwan [played by Lynette Forday] had to give him an emergency tracheotomy with a Star Trek pen.

    • Michael said that it was scary when he had to have a CT scan on Shortland Street.

    • He would like rugby star Tana Umanga and comedian Jason Gunn to appear on Shortland Street.

    • Michael became offended by a comment on a forum when Shortland Street had just started and avoid them for many years.

    • Michael has a low singing voice and has showed this in Shortland Street.

    • He received a letter from a man in prison who claimed that they were destined to be together.

    • Michael supports the Hurricanes Super 14 Rugby Team.

    • He convinced the art department to put a poster of his play The Ocean Star up in the Shortland Street staffroom.

    • In the early years of Shortland Street, Michael was mucking around and dropped a $200,000 piece of medical equipment, though luckily it didn't break.

    • He was up against Martin Csokas for the role of Chris Warner.

    • Michael appeared in the twentieth anniversary special for New Zealand Kids Show What Now.

    • Michael made a small workshop related to New Gold Dream for the festival AK03.

    • Michael created and directed the play New Gold Dream which starred fellow Shortland Street star Fleur Saville.

    • He has off screen relationships with co-stars Craig Parker and Angela Bloomfield.

    • When he was looking into drama, Michael went to Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School.

    • Michael attended Victoria University.

    • In an interview in 2007, Michael stated that he was sometimes called Ken Barlow from Coronation Street as they are both the only remaining characters from the first episodes.

    • Despite leaving for six years, Michael is only actor in Shortland Street now that was in the first episode.

  • Quotes

  • One of the main stars of Shortland Street

    In quite a few television shows, there are hardly any charecters left from original series, or if so, there is a large number of them. In Shortladn Street, Michael Galvin's charecter Chris Warner has been alive in the show from the very first episode up to recently, and it is obvious why. I have only seen him in this Kiwi classic, but he has played the very dramatic role of Chris Warner very well and has provided a lot into the drama over the past few months I have watched it. Also, he has a good singing voice which has been displayed in Shortland Street. Overall is a very talented actor and a good singer and is a great part of the Shortland Street team.moreless