Michael Giacchino

Michael Giacchino


10/10/1967, Riverside, New Jersey, USA

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After scoring popular and award-winning video games such as "Medal of Honor", Michael Giacchino has moved on to television and movie projects - currently, you can hear his compositions on two series headed by J.J. Abrams - Alias and Lost. He also composed the music for the feature…more


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    • Michael: I try to do music which is more abstract and about texture, rather than melody; but whenever I complete it, it always ends up having some sort of melody or theme that carries it through.

    • Michael: There is nothing harder than working in television as far as entertainment goes. I am going on seven years of doing this, and even I am not sure how long I can do it.

    • Michael: (on which episode of "Lost" stands out to him the most) I love when Locke is pounding on the roof of the hatch and he is so frustrated. Another was when Hurley wins the lottery and is handing the food out at the end. Lastly, the one where they are building the raft. I remember watching the scene without any music, with them living on the beach, and pushing the raft out to sea. It was filled with such hope and optimism which is something you don't often get on this show, so when it does come, it is a relief. It was the first time I realized these characters are part of my life.

    • Michael: (about "Lost") Every character has their own set of themes, some have more than others. Hurley has three, depending on what he is going through.

    • Michael: I was just always into music. The classical music station was always on my radio. I was kind of off the beaten path, as far as popularity goes, with what I was listening to. But it was the only stuff I liked.

    • Michael: I think it was the idea of telling a story with music that attracted me the most.

    • Michael: In the past, the only interview you would find anywhere would be a John Williams interview, but now you can find out about so many different composers. The perfect example is that people are interviewing me and I'm just a nobody.

    • Michael: (About "Lost") So when I'm watching the show, I like to kind of get the gut reaction down and write the gut reaction rather than write the reaction now that I've watched it a bunch of times because I feel in initial more than any other it's so important to just be in the moment of what's going on. Because it is a show that you could argue that it's crazy, it makes no sense and could never ever happen, but as long as you're in the moment of the story, I think that you're able to pull people in and think, 'well, maybe this is really happening'.