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Michael Gross

Michael Gross


6/21/1947, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Michael Gross is a television and movie actor who plays both comedic and dramatic roles. He is perhaps best known for his role as "Steven Keaton" in the 1980s sitcom Family Ties, and as "Burt Gummer" in the Tremors movies series. His other television credits include Batman Beyond,…more


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    • Michael Gross (on the family tableware): The first thing I remember were the dishes we had in the house. They were rejects, actually, from the dining cars. We'd get them because they were chipped or cracked, or because the image on the plate was faded. But even in their condition, they still held a special significance to me because they had ridden the rails. It was like they'd been blessed by the Pope.

    • Michael Gross (on his involvement with Family Ties): I'm very proud of my particiation in what I think was a superior bit of television.

    • Michael Gross: (on never thinking Tremors would survive to a third release) ...That's probably one of the reasons I'm not a studio executive, although I think a lot of what they do is like a craps games anyway. No one knows what's going to catch on sometimes.