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This New Zealand actor and model is originally from North Shore, but has since moved to Auckland. He has acted on stage, television, and the silver screen, and presented the paranormal show Ghost Hunt. When not working, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his young son (4…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Michael was born in 1972.

    • While doing paranormal investigations for the show Ghost Hunt (NZ), in just about every episode at least one door would inexplicably close behind him, with no one visibly touching it. Brad Hills, who ran the paranormal investigations for the show, said of Michael, "Michael has this habit of doors closing behind him. I'd love to think that there's some spirit in there that's just happily following him around just closing doors behind him!"

    • When it comes to politics, Michael considers himself a Liberal.

    • Michael is inspired by motivational speaker Jack Canfield. He's also a fan of actress Minka Kelly of Friday Night Lights fame.

    • Michael's favorite quotation is "To thine own self be true", from Shakepeare's Hamlet Act 1, Scene III.

    • Michael has a son.

    • Michael has performed in numerous TV commercials, including those for Burger King (NZ, 2008), Kit Kat (Australia & NZ, 2006), TV Guide (NZ, 2006), Tiger Beer (Singapore & Vietnam, 2006), Whitcoulis (NZ, 2006), and Shell (worldwide excluding US, 2005).

    • Michael can use various accents while acting, including American (standard), Australian, British, RP, and his own native New Zealand.

    • Michael is a trained juggler. He also enjoys swimming. He was able to use his swimming ability while hunting for spirits in the Ghost Hunt (NZ) episode "Vulcan Hotel, St. Bathans" when Brad asked him to dive into Blue Lake where the miners used to pan for gold and take a series of underater photographs to attempt to gain evidence of the paranormal.

    • Michael is 6 foot tall, with light brown hair and blue eyes.

    • Michael's theatre credits include:
      (2009) The Great Gatsby "Jay Gatsby", the Court Theatre, dir. Ross Gumbley
      (2002) A Play About Baby "Boy", Auckland Theatre Company, dir. Simon Prast
      (2001) Hair "Chorus", Auckland Theatre Company, dir. Simon Prast
      (2000) Death of a Salesman "Happy", Auckland Theatre Company, dir. Simon Prast
      (1999) Cabaret "Kit Kat Boy", Auckland Theatre Company, dir. Simon Prast
      (1999) Cabaret "Herr Sholtz", Canada
      (1999) Wind in the Willows "Chorus", Auckland Theatre Company
      (1998) Julius Caesar "Various", Auckland Theatre Company
      (1998) Twelve Angry Men "Juror #5", Auckland Theatre Company
      (1998) West "Messenger/Les", Bruce Mason Theatre/Downstage Theatre
      (1991-93) Ladies' Night "Norman", Centrepoint Theatre
      (1993) Midsummer Night's Dream "Lysander"

    • Michael's training as an actor includes the master classes "In the Moment with Gerri Cousins" (2004, Acting workshops LA), "Acting with Bobby Chance" (2004, Acting workshops LA), and a Meisner Technique class with Michael Saccente (2005-2006). In 1991 he studied at the Drama Centre, London. He's also take the s the 2012 Actors Lab Workshop
      with Peter Feeney and 2012's Film Performance Intensive (8 week course) with Vicky Yiannoutsos

    • Michael is represented professionally by the firm Auckland Actors.

  • Quotes

    • Michael: (on being a paranormal investigator on "Ghost Hunt (NZ)") Well, I was thinking I'd see a ghost with chains rattling, but you get to see spirit in energy, either in an auditory, or in an energy you sense around you, a temperature change, or a physical, 'hair standing up on the back of you neck'.

    • Michael: Whether you're aware of it or not, you're constantly surrounded by apparitions. What a frightening thing to be thinking about!

    • Michael: (on investigating Riccarton House on "Ghost Hunt (NZ)") Cameras do their job, the digital cameras do their job, and then I do mine, which is to go and be receptive. And I was highly, for whatever reason, very, very receptive there.

    • Michael: (preparing to investigate the Fortune Theatre for "Ghost Hunt (NZ)") I love being in theatres. I mean, you get the whole bits of history of all of some of the greatest actors. Plus, actors are nototriously superstitious creatures. Also, theatres are renowned for ghosts, as well!

    • Michael: (on traveling to Whatipu Beach to film "Ghost Hunt") It just speaks to you so strongly, the land, with the noise of the ocean, the hills all around you, very strong. To be deposited out at the gorge, like I was last night, and sitting around with all those spirits- I didn't see any of them, but I captured them on film- it was pretty amazing!

    • Michael: (photographing what seemed to be an apparition at Larnach Castle on "Ghost Hunt") I guess I gave myself a mission to find [William] Larnach. Something about him pushed my buttons, and so I just decided I was going to go after him. And I thought if I did this, maybe this would be a good chance to evoke him to come out and, you know, present himself. And I think it worked!

    • Michael: (on swimming in St. Bathans' Blue Lake for his show "Ghost Hunt") It was just kind of creepy, knowing that you're swimming in someone's grave.