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  • An all around awesome wrestler

    Shawn Michaels is an amazing all around wrestler. I looked up to Michaels as a role model growing up as a wrestling fan. Michaels brought charisma, great wrestling skills, athleticism, technique, passion, and much more. There are too many complimentary adjectives I can use for a man that gave it all in the ring throughout his career.

    Michaels was never a big traditional wrestler of 6'5 and 270 pounds. He is actually under 6'0 since many wrestlers are billed a few inches taller in reality. The point is a guy that is 5'11 can put on fantastic matches against any wrestler and make the match that much better. He recently wrestled two back to back classic WrestleMania matches against another amazing wrestler known as the Undertaker. Many smaller wrestlers were inspired by Shawn Michaels. From tag team wrestling to mid card to even a solid, lengthy main event career, Michaels has executed and succeeded in the business. I thank him for entertaining me as a child. I enjoy growing up and watching him wrestle Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Undertaker, HHH, and other big names. Great matches and storytelling in the business describe Michaels' abilities.