Michael Ian Black





8/12/1971 , Chicago

Birth Name

Michael Schwartz




Michael Ian Black was born Michael Schwartz on August 12, 1971 in Chicago, Illinois. While he did not go on to graduate, he did attend the Tisch School of the Arts from New York University. During his time there, he joined "The State", a comedy group who appeared on MTV under the same name in 1993. This comedy group and show was Michael's first foray into comedic roles. He appeared regularly in "Reno 911", a comedy police show on Comedy Central. In addition to "Reno 911", he has appeared in the comedy group "Stella", in the television show "Ed", and has had a couple of books published. As an author, Michael Ian Black wrote "My Custom Van and 50 Other Mind-blowing Essays that Will Blow Your Mind All Over Your Face" and "Chicken Cheeks: The Beginning of the Ends". Michael is married to Martha Hagen and has two children; Elijah and Ruth. He lives in Connecticut.