Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside


2/12/1950, Toronto, Ontario

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Michael Ironside, born in Toronto, Ontario as Frederick Reginald Ironside on February 12, 1950, made a name for himself playing antagonists and tough anti-heroes in action and science fiction movies. Even though he had small parts in several movies starting with 1977's Outrageous, his first major role was…more


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    • Michael Ironside: The word "career" scares me! It's the sort of thing you say about dead actors, old guys. I think this festival wanted to do a retrospective on me a few years ago and I told them to fuck off. Jesus, that's for guys that are on crutches and in wheelchairs and that you need to spoon-feed.

    • Michael Ironside: Acting itself is a very childlike thing. You're asked to suspend reality and to play - and what better place than when you're sitting there looking like the most weird villain imaginable? You have all these toys around you. It brings out the child in you much easier than when you're standing around in a suit playing a cop.

    • Michael Ironside: I like to play bad guys, since good guys are always beaten up several times during the movie. Bad guys are beaten only once, in the end.

    • Michael Ironside: I get to bring these misshapen, emotionally unbalanced people to life.

    • Michael Ironside: If I didn't like the attention, I suppose I wouldn't be doing this job. What do you do? Destroy someone's fantasy about you or play it to the limit? I still haven't quite worked it all out and I don't know how to resolve it. It's said actors act because they fear death and it's the one and only certainty for some kind of immortality. My attitude is: screw the future, let's get on with here and now. You don't know how long it'll last.

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    Good, underrated and underappreciated actor with a lot of talent. I like him in movies like Point of Impact, Total Recall, and Maximum Velocity, though I don't think that they were the best of his movies. I really enjoy some of his movies, and to be honest I think that he has a lot of talent, I have heard him as Darkseid in Justice League and he is great.