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  • Over Rated!

    Well I am writing this review of MJ after being subjected to days and days and days of MJ memorial coverage all over EVERY channel. It made me stop for a minute and think of what MJ meant to me. The answer to that question is simple.........NOTHING at all. I found him strange, annoying, and not nearly as amazing as everyone made him out to be. I mean come on people he sang and he danced there have been many people before him that have been able to do those same things and I am quite sure there will be others to come along later. I was hoping that after his death he would just simply go away, but alas I was wrong he seems to be everywhere at this point in time. One positive thing about all of this is that at least he wont have to worry about any more plastic surgery for his nose.
  • ...but mentally challenged!

    There are many different aspects of him which I will review. Even though I was never around in the time of his music, I must say that is pretty good but he really stuffed his life up with the years os surgery. What kind of an idiot would change his body colour. It's setting a bad example which celebrities should not do because he is practicly saying something like "Whites better than black!" And wether the whole children abuse thing is true or not, I personally believe that it is but still, just do be excused of it is horrible.
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  • What is wrong with MJ?

    Michael Jackson is a very UNIQUE person if I do say so myself. A good friend of mine is absolutely obsessed with him, but I honestly don't see the big deal. I am not sure if he molested those kids, but he looks like a creep to me... Who dyes their skin? I mean, come on. Be proud of what you have. If God gave you a skin disease, then so be it. His music is a bit strange, but I like a couple songs. He sounds like a girl, all squeaky and stuff. Michael Jackson should just retire and leave the music industry alone.
  • empty

    I must say that I do not particulary like him, but I must admit that he has really good songs. I have hear some of them, of course from "Thriller" and tehy were awesome. I also think that about the abuse he supposedly did, I am not really sure, because I particulary don't think he would do something like that simply because I think that he surely did not that to elevate his career. Also, I don't like him as much now with his operation, he looks awful. But still I like his music.
  • He's so talented. Too bad he changed completely.

    Back in the 80s, Michael Jackson had the greatest songs ever! My favorites were Billy Jean, Thriller, Beat It, and Smooth Criminal. There's also others. He is living proof that the 80s had the best music ever! He has a good singing voice and awesome dance moves. It's just a shame he changed his look, because he was good looking when he was black. It's also disturbing to find out that one of the most talented people ever is gay and a child molester. Despite all this, Michael Jackson's old songs were a hit and are still a classic. I don't care for his craziness, but his songs will always be remembered.
  • i used to like this guy intel i found out about him his disturbing secret

    he does have great songs i loved listening to them back then when i loved music but i dont like this guy anymore i hate this guy now becuse hes a disgusting pervert ever since i heard that i hate him now so i give him a 8.5 out of 10.0
  • THE BEST!!!

    Great dancer/singer/songwriter/etc... Just wish he would not have changed his face. Seems like he was a great father.
  • Memorial Service was great. It was sad, happy, somber a great tribute to a legend. We will all miss him and he will be missed. Thank you for a legace which you have left for us MJ. Now you will be at Peace. Rest in Peace. We all love you. Love from S.A. x

    I missed out on the last part but were able to watch it on MSN this morning. The memorial was organised with so much taste. Who said it would turn into a circus?It was sad, happy.touching, wonderful memorial service. I believe that MJ is now in much better hands. Peace and God's blessings to his family, friends and fans. MJ you will live on in our hearts forever. We will forever think of you and will alway be grateful of the legacy you are levaing behind. Bless you MJ and may you rest in peace.LOVE from all in South Africa
  • I love you King of pop R.I.P :(

    Yeah im a mj lover:P. I mean why do people hate him hes an insparitional(sorry if i mispelled it :P) singer a wonderful dancer. I just wish he was still alive:( i mean yeah he did make some mistakes but come on everyone makes them its not like he murdered someone!!! Yeah he was accused of molesting a kid but i dont believe that!!!! I heard it wasnt true and in court he was innocent:) his songs are wonderful and has great passion his vioce matches the song hes singing and he was just a wonderful person that was misunderstood:(

    I love you mj R.I.P
  • perfect

    Michael Jackson is one of the most popular guys in all of music history. Beat It, Billie Jean, Thriller, and various other things he wrote were at the time popular, and still are today. He also became a source for people to make fun of, but he was pretty awesome. I only started becoming a big fan after I heard he died, but I know him because in the third season, he guest starred on the Simpsons, and so I then learned some of his songs. I like him a lot more now and it is sad he died. May he RIP.
  • one of the kind

    the funny thing is that the most people,who wrote bad comments dont know nothing about him.Do you want to know all of you why he is a big deal,because he could dance asweome,he had great vocals,he had a sense of rythm like a few people can have,made classic video clips,composed his best hits and he affected many musicians by his innovations,what else do you want?Also he has many fans even if he is old now,one of my favorite artists,i think people say bad things about his surgeys and the molestation thing because they dont like him,at least at the type of music he belongs is the best!!!!
  • Michael Jackson seems to have been plagued with controversy since the late 80's but that doesn't take away the fact he was a pretty generous human being, and a phenomenal singer and dancer. Definitely missed.

    Some people believe Michael Jackson is guilty of molestation, I don't though. Sure Michael Jackson had his eccentric nature but so does everyone else, you can't deny the fact that he made good albums like "Thriller" and "Off the Wall" and "Bad", and some of his newer material was pretty underrated as well. Like "They don't really care about us" and the Free Willy theme "Will You Be There." He was an incredible talent, and a one of a kind talent that we will probably never see the likes of ever again. It's kind of sad seeing Michael Jackson go, because he meant so many things to many different generations, say like the Beatles or Elvis Presley. Not to many artists have that kind of power, but Michael Jackson did. It's a shame his life became more intriguing then his music during his last few years, he seemed to be the victim of the media where as artists like Madonna would practically fight back against the media, Michael was to soft and got taken advantage. Michael was also a very notable humanitarian who donated money all over the world to as he would probably say "Heal the World." It's a shame his London concerts aren't taking place, because we had not yet witnessed the rebirth of Michael Jackson. What s shame, and RIP Michael Jackson.
  • Love the man but hate all the people that suddenly became fans after his demise.

    I loved Michael Jackson as a singer and dancer. Not too fond of the things he did in his lifetime (though I'm pretty sure he's not guilty 100%). But the media does stuff to you. But all my friends and family used to make fun of him but now everyone loves him once he died. It's SOO annoying. Like he was here for like almost 1/2 a century, so why did it take his death for you to start liking him? Sorry if it came off as a rant but this was just a problem that bothered me for a while now.

    Anyway, MJ's a great inspiration and may he RIP.
  • Very talented!!!!

    Michael Jackson may have had his problems and his share of bad publicity, but who can deny his talent in writing songs? And it wasn't just his songs that were great, but also his voice, his dances, and his infamous music videos. He is the King of Pop, and rightfully so. Many people don't like him because of the things the press say he did. People who believe what the press says need to take a long hard look at Michael Jackson's life as a small child and teenager. He was never allowed to be a child. As soon as he could sing, his father made him perform for the world. They never really cared about Michael. All they cared about what how much money he made. His parents made Michael who he was. So if you're an M.J. hater, take these words into consideration, and despise the people who made Michael turn into what he became. How can anyone blame a man for his parents mistakes? Goodbye Michael. You will be missed.
  • i love michael jackson and i wish to meet him and get married and have his babies. i'll take him or R.kelly it has to be one of them too. most people tell me to go for r.kelly or ray j but i'm highly unsure.

    i love michael jackson and i want to marry him. i know if he meet me he would love me. i tell people i want to marry him and they tease me and say he's gonna marry a little boy instead of me. we all know that's untrue. michael jackson is not a child molester. he loves children and he wouldn't hurt anyone. this is why we should get married. i'll take him or r.kelly it has to be one of them two. and we can live happily in a nice house with about 5 kids. it will be wonderful. me and MJ or me and Ray J or me and R.kelly will be some kind of wonderful, it's wonderful
  • I'm writing this to bring some much need intelligence to the surplus of laughable reviews on this man in here. (Read if you do not fear what is different).

    I was appalled by all the countless ridiculous comments in some of these reviews, and felt it necessary to add some much needed sense in the midst of ignorance.

    When I saw that Michael had a 6.4 voted average, I was automatically suspicious because I know Michael Jackson hasn't even made that many television appearances to be judged upon. Certain reviews (you know who you are) are just painfully obvious excuses for trolls going out of their way to talk about him; making it their business rest assured, to find any excuse to let us all know how much they despise this one man. And of course, it is the perfect opportunity to act all melodramatic about the gripes against him, although they never do name or prove those issues (like with most trolls).

    ***Exhibit A -- quote --"UGLY!!! This dude is a screwball. First of all, he gets rid of his African blood, then he changes the look of his face and now sounds like a genderless dork. I do not know why some people still think he is cool. His dance moves are cool, but that is it. I can not wait for the day this dude is forgotten." -- end quote --***

    Everything has a race now doesnt it? Even inanimate ojbects and such. You cant have African blood, much less get rid of it. Blood does not have a race. Blood is the circulating tissue composed of fluid plasma and cells. Yes, I know the reference is meant to be regarding African culture, but even than -- that is wrong. I can paint my face blue and jump in a pool of glitter. I'm still Black. What you may do to your physical features does not change your DNA. Take a Science class!

    But my favorite part is "I cannot wait for the day this dude is forgotten". Sorry to disappoint, but if you plan on waiting, you're going to be waiting forever. Michael Jackson is the most famous person in the world, right there with Jesus Christ (Yeah, it's true. Hey, dont shoot the messenger. Do some actual research about it; I dare you). And so by keeping his name in your mouths and complaining, obviously you're contributing to his longevity (idiot).

    ***Exhibit B -- quote --[i]"The face is scary, more scary than the teletubbies. I wish Michael Jackson would go away, and only show up for South Park episodes. He sold 40 million records out of a possible 6 billion. 6 billion minus 40 million equals 5960million. roughly 5960 million people who are not Michael Jackson fans. 5,960.000,000 let’s round that off, to 6 billion, oops, I think I just wiped out Michael Jackson fans all together. Oh well. I would not mind if they (Michael Jackson fans) all went away with Michael Jackson to Never (come back) Land. Yes, that would be a good thing. Just go away."-- end quote --***

    ROFLMAO! This attempt at sounding witty and clever is so tragically depressing I can hear the silence of the lambs. Yeah, Michael sold 40 million records...of Thriller, LOL! Michael's [multiple] Greatest Hits-type albums sell more than these new artist's studio debuts; and his old albums re-enter the charts at higher numbers aswell. Please know what you are talking about before you start typing.

    Not only do you NOT have the proper statistics (which you obviously didn't bother to research; but than again, if you're dumb enough to say this bull with a straight face and pass it as logic, you wouldn't be smart enough to bother looking for *solid proof* now would you?) but you assume that because Michael has X amount of album sold, that it constitutes for how many fans he has. So what about the people who are broke, and download his songs? What about the fans who don't own his albums? What about the people who have multiple copies on an album? Michael has more than 1 studio album in his catalog. So each unit from each album is to be counted as one fan? You and people like you, are the ones who needs to go away. Or at least, bother to educate yourself even, if you do decide to exist.

    ***Exhibit C -- quote --"EWWWWW!!!! Put a mask on!! Mike Jackson is one of those black geeks that uses plastic surgery to look like a white......girl (or some kind of monster) He should never been born, never sang, and never change his/her looks ever again. He sounds like my grandfather in a helium box for Christ sake. Take him out of Hollywood."-- end quote --***

    Who wishes an entertainer to never have been born [or have a career] who hasn't done anything personal to one, or profound to society? Oh no, lets not wish for Adolf Hitler to have never been born, not George W. Bush, not even Osama bin Laden -- but a singer. I don't like to look at his face, he should cease to exist because like, oh my gosh like, he is so weird, oh yeah ... may God help us all, woe is me! While the starving child in Africa who hasn't ate in days slowly dies. While the children and women who we're forced into prostitution are being humiliated and dehumanized, who have no rights, who are obligated to genitalia mutilation. While the homeless people of X,Y&Z have lost faith because somebody bombed their home. No, forget all of that. We must think of whats really important. That funny-looking singer! Ooh he's so ugly and that like, bothers me and stuff like, ya like oh my gosh, even though I have the choice to not look at him or pay attention, I will anyway, and than like, complain about it so f#cking help me God!

    How do you take someone out of Hollywood? What the hell is that? How do you come up with such foolishness? These type of people lack any common sense with these insults, and I can practically smell their look-at-me-I'm-so-witty-and-honest stench from my computer. I swear, out of all the ludicrous nonsense that I've read/heard people [who bash Michael] spit out constantly, this takes the cake. You take Michael out of Hollywood and you take out half of Hollywood with him. None of these artists would have strive for music stardom if not for Michael Jackson. Regardless of what genre they might be categorized into. Even if you subconsciously don't realize it or not a fanatic -- his impact is still there. MTV would still be playing music by White artists ("Billie Jean" was the first music video by a Black singer to be played. Did you know that?). The Jackson family wouldnt exist -- the top selling musical family in history (which I heavily doubt the title will be surpassed any time soon, by the way) -- who happens to be BLACK. As much as [some] Black people like to bash Michael for suppository "betrayal", he sure done a lot for your Black ass.

    **********Yeah, I said it. Yeah I took it there. And what?*********
  • Needs no introduction, by far one of the greatest music artists of all time. Pretty good actor I can add

    When I think of music, the only thing that pops into my head is Michael Jackson. Ive been a huge fan of him forever. Ive never felt so emotionally attached to any songs except for his work. To compare any musical artist to him is beyond stupid. There should never be any comparison made to the GOD of pop for the rest of time. He is too great and unique to ever be de-throned from his position in music. What really makes me sad and angry is the fact that so much has happened to him emotionally and physically. What pisses me off even more is the fact that retards actually have the audacity to call him I QUOTE "UNTALENTED". ARE YOU F***** KIDDING ME? You can call him "ugly" or a "Child Molestor" (btw he was never convicted), but to call him UNTALENTED is just showing your utter stupidity. Do this world a favor and go shoot yourself PLEASE. He is ranked up there with Elvis and the Beatles. The amount of retards on this board giving him a 1/10 is tremendous. There has obviously got to be some trolling going on. Michael Jackson will always be a jewel to this universe and forever hold his crown as one of the worlds greatest music artists to ever live. He has cared so much about people and showed his love and support for countless people. He will always be an individual he will be withheld in high respect through my perspective and will always get my support till the day I die. Thats a promise.

    Michael Jackson Forever.
  • MJ is the stuff

    Michael Jackson is the one of the best singers in like the whole world. He makes songs that you have to love! My favortie song is Smooth Criminal and most of my friends listen too his music. So does my mom's co-workers. I go to www.radioblogclub.com to listen to his music. I got Moonwalker which I watch everytime I'm in the car. I mean he may have done some bad things but I mean who doesn't. People say ewww he likes little kids and stuff but I mean see R. Kelly, yall still listen to his music and he raped (But Peed) on someone who was younger than him and I said that before and no one had nothing to say. But I don't care what no one says MJ is gonna be the stuff 4eva. If he just changes his look like in Smooth Criminal or Thriller like that would be cool. Come Back Michael Jackson!!!!!
  • One of the all time greats! No matter what happens in his personal life you have to admit that he is the best entertainer.

    I love Michael jackson. I believe he is the greatest. His music is so inspirational and has longevity. Unlike today, people just wants hits without having talent. He is also a great dancer. I believe all that sliding and stuff came from him. Many young artsts today still look up to him. People need to leave him alone. There is a such thing of a personal life. He can't do anything without being in the tabloids. I don't care how he looks or what happened his past he is my all time favorite.
  • Michael is da man!!! And you better stop all these insults. He is innocent.

    Michael Jackson is one of the most amazing stars i have ever known. Tho many people find him a jackass but he is NOT! He has an amazing life. Lets look shall we? He started as a member of the Jackson Five. Then he made his most amazing album Thriller. Many of us love that album. But i don't know why he hate his look so much that he have to turn into this monster. The guy married Elvis's daughter Lisa Marie Presley. He feels that is nothing wrong about his new look that he composed the song "Black or White". Then things change and Michael had a disease that made him skinny. Just because he looks that way dosen't mean he is bad. Why don't people learn the phrase "you can't judge a book by its cover". It is because of Michael that his sister Janet also became a star. Wade Robson also got inspired by Micheal that he started dancing. Stars like Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliot also got inspiration from him. He inspired most of our new stars today. Just because he looks like that dosen't make him a bad person and so maybe he hang his baby over the balcony. Thats bad but he dosen't even know what he is doing. And this made me mad. Why people accused him of child molesting. He is innocent!! And you see how many fans felt about that. They were angry that their idol was being accused. Michael Jackson is a great man and he never gave up on disappointing his fans like me. He made the album "Greatest Hits" just for us to remember him. So stop insulting him so much. Michael is a truly amazing guy and respect him for that. Peace out!! and remember to stop your insults like ugly or whatever.
  • Michael Jackson is one, if the the greatest entertainers of all time. Selling of 40 million copys on one album still is a feat no one has even come close to doing. In his life time Jackson sold out more conserts then anyone ever. Jackson is the greatest o

    Micheal Jackson is the greatest entertainer ever. He started out the lead singer of the Jackson 5 and slowly turned into a solo artist. With the release of his first album \"off the wall\", Jackson quickly prove he could make that jump from child to adult peformer. With the mark of his sophormore album \"Thiller\", tentions were high, for a follow up of \"off the wall\". But little did anyone know that \"Thiller\" would be the number one album of all time, selling over 40 million copies world wide. A record to this date that no one has even come close to breaking. Thats why Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer of all time.
  • A Donald Trump/Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson comedy! The Jackson-Trump Bunch!

    Okay, let's agree. Michael Jackson has had some rough, but unfair and biased, times in the past. But we can move past that, because NBC will surely pick up my idea once one of their idea scouts comes to TV.com and reads this!

    ---idea pitch---

    "Awwww, Trumpy, someone's trying to sue me again."
    "Don't worry, nothing money can't solve."

    Ah, yes, The Jackson-Trump Bunch. A comedy starring Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Donald Trump. Set in a New York penthouse, the trio have to work through life obstacles to make a living.

    In it, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson are down on their luck brother and sister, living together under one roof with their good friends Donald Trump and his wife and child.

    "Daddy, can I drive the unreleased Escoldae 2.0?"
    "Awwww, why not?"
    "Shut up before I hit you with this gold brick."
    "I hate you! You suck!"
    "Nothing money can't solve."

    Join Donald Trump, Michael, and Janet as they go through life's obstacles, trying to trademark the phrase "You're fired", the whole molestation trial, and the SuperBowl event.

    "Janet, how could you do something like that?"
    "I'm sorry, Michael, it just slipped--"
    "You dirty slut! We're not friends anymore! WOOOO!"
    "Yeah, well, nothing money can't solve."

    In the pilot, Michael Jackson gets sued, but Donald Trump bribes the accuser to drop the charges. When word leaks out, how can Janet, Michael, and Donald redeem their names?

    This show will absolutely kill in the ratings. Three of the most household of household names, this thing will soar. How many seasons can it go on? 20, maybe? 21? Only Jesus knows, and he'll be too busy laughing his head off to respond! So, please, NBC, make this dream a reality. A hilarious reality. This could be your Family Guy killer!