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  • MJ is the stuff

    Michael Jackson is the one of the best singers in like the whole world. He makes songs that you have to love! My favortie song is Smooth Criminal and most of my friends listen too his music. So does my mom's co-workers. I go to www.radioblogclub.com to listen to his music. I got Moonwalker which I watch everytime I'm in the car. I mean he may have done some bad things but I mean who doesn't. People say ewww he likes little kids and stuff but I mean see R. Kelly, yall still listen to his music and he raped (But Peed) on someone who was younger than him and I said that before and no one had nothing to say. But I don't care what no one says MJ is gonna be the stuff 4eva. If he just changes his look like in Smooth Criminal or Thriller like that would be cool. Come Back Michael Jackson!!!!!