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  • A Donald Trump/Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson comedy! The Jackson-Trump Bunch!

    Okay, let's agree. Michael Jackson has had some rough, but unfair and biased, times in the past. But we can move past that, because NBC will surely pick up my idea once one of their idea scouts comes to TV.com and reads this!

    ---idea pitch---

    "Awwww, Trumpy, someone's trying to sue me again."
    "Don't worry, nothing money can't solve."

    Ah, yes, The Jackson-Trump Bunch. A comedy starring Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Donald Trump. Set in a New York penthouse, the trio have to work through life obstacles to make a living.

    In it, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson are down on their luck brother and sister, living together under one roof with their good friends Donald Trump and his wife and child.

    "Daddy, can I drive the unreleased Escoldae 2.0?"
    "Awwww, why not?"
    "Shut up before I hit you with this gold brick."
    "I hate you! You suck!"
    "Nothing money can't solve."

    Join Donald Trump, Michael, and Janet as they go through life's obstacles, trying to trademark the phrase "You're fired", the whole molestation trial, and the SuperBowl event.

    "Janet, how could you do something like that?"
    "I'm sorry, Michael, it just slipped--"
    "You dirty slut! We're not friends anymore! WOOOO!"
    "Yeah, well, nothing money can't solve."

    In the pilot, Michael Jackson gets sued, but Donald Trump bribes the accuser to drop the charges. When word leaks out, how can Janet, Michael, and Donald redeem their names?

    This show will absolutely kill in the ratings. Three of the most household of household names, this thing will soar. How many seasons can it go on? 20, maybe? 21? Only Jesus knows, and he'll be too busy laughing his head off to respond! So, please, NBC, make this dream a reality. A hilarious reality. This could be your Family Guy killer!