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  • Needs no introduction, by far one of the greatest music artists of all time. Pretty good actor I can add

    When I think of music, the only thing that pops into my head is Michael Jackson. Ive been a huge fan of him forever. Ive never felt so emotionally attached to any songs except for his work. To compare any musical artist to him is beyond stupid. There should never be any comparison made to the GOD of pop for the rest of time. He is too great and unique to ever be de-throned from his position in music. What really makes me sad and angry is the fact that so much has happened to him emotionally and physically. What pisses me off even more is the fact that retards actually have the audacity to call him I QUOTE "UNTALENTED". ARE YOU F***** KIDDING ME? You can call him "ugly" or a "Child Molestor" (btw he was never convicted), but to call him UNTALENTED is just showing your utter stupidity. Do this world a favor and go shoot yourself PLEASE. He is ranked up there with Elvis and the Beatles. The amount of retards on this board giving him a 1/10 is tremendous. There has obviously got to be some trolling going on. Michael Jackson will always be a jewel to this universe and forever hold his crown as one of the worlds greatest music artists to ever live. He has cared so much about people and showed his love and support for countless people. He will always be an individual he will be withheld in high respect through my perspective and will always get my support till the day I die. Thats a promise.

    Michael Jackson Forever.