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  • i love michael jackson and i wish to meet him and get married and have his babies. i'll take him or R.kelly it has to be one of them too. most people tell me to go for r.kelly or ray j but i'm highly unsure.

    i love michael jackson and i want to marry him. i know if he meet me he would love me. i tell people i want to marry him and they tease me and say he's gonna marry a little boy instead of me. we all know that's untrue. michael jackson is not a child molester. he loves children and he wouldn't hurt anyone. this is why we should get married. i'll take him or r.kelly it has to be one of them two. and we can live happily in a nice house with about 5 kids. it will be wonderful. me and MJ or me and Ray J or me and R.kelly will be some kind of wonderful, it's wonderful