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  • Memorial Service was great. It was sad, happy, somber a great tribute to a legend. We will all miss him and he will be missed. Thank you for a legace which you have left for us MJ. Now you will be at Peace. Rest in Peace. We all love you. Love from S.A. x

    I missed out on the last part but were able to watch it on MSN this morning. The memorial was organised with so much taste. Who said it would turn into a circus?It was sad, happy.touching, wonderful memorial service. I believe that MJ is now in much better hands. Peace and God's blessings to his family, friends and fans. MJ you will live on in our hearts forever. We will forever think of you and will alway be grateful of the legacy you are levaing behind. Bless you MJ and may you rest in peace.LOVE from all in South Africa